So yesterday had me standing around a local crafts store (for TWO whole hours,) while the nephew Kit sat in a classroom and had fun making art. For the first half hour, I went around the store and made a wish list of pretty much their entire stock of everything, ’cause this geek loves to get her craft on. But, staring at items I’d love to have, at prices that aren’t entirely in my current budget only lasts for so long. That means I spent the next hour and a half shifting restlessly from foot to foot while I gabbed on Facebook. I became that truly annoying person with their phone going beep beep bloop while they seemingly text away. And nope, I don’t like being that person.

I don’t know who it was that put their thinky cap on and thought, sound-effecting the Like button was a good thing. If it was simply turning app noises off in the phone settings, I wouldn’t be so aggravated. But these sounds seem to be attached to the same bit of code that regulates the phone’s ringtone volume, so the choice was either: turn off sound completely, and miss those important phone calls; or keep the volume on and sound like the moron Facebook makes me to be, while I stand in a corner and Like that cat video. I’m wholly not impressed with how long it took me to figure out how to get rid of such nonsense without turning the ring volume to silent. If you’re still struggling too, here’s how to remove those bwops and other wacky noises that your Facebook app is currently making.

I’m assuming (hah, I know,) that since this is actually fixed in the Facebook app itself, that getting to these settings is at least somewhat similar between Android and iOS. If it’s different, please share in the comments, thanks! These instructions are based on my use of an Android phone with the Lollipop OS.

How To Turn Off Facebook Sounds

  1. Touch the three bars near the upper right corner, to open the tab that includes “App Settings”. Scroll down to near the bottom of this page to find the link.
  2. Find “Sounds” and toggle this setting to off (switch from blue to grey,) to remove app sounds.

Seriously that’s it!

And, here’s a bonus: stay on the App Settings page, and turn off that silly Facebook browser, that doesn’t always work, by toggling “Links open externally” to on (switch from grey to blue.)

Frustratingly easy, eh?

How To Turn Off Facebook Sounds, Visual Manual

  1. How to Find App Settings for Facebook App
  2. Facebook Toggle Sounds to Off to get rid of silly noises.

Let me know if you have any questions!