Psst! I’ll let you in on a little secret. Ready for it? Okay, here it is! Professional blogging is not easy. It really isn’t. There is a lot that happens “behind the scenes”, that makes the act of blogging more than just writing and posting photos all day long. Like any small business, we have clients and overhead to manage. And boy, do they need to be managed and organized well; which is something that is definitely not my strong suit all on my own.  When it comes to tax time (two little words that can mean so much,) I need all of my finances organized as tidily as possible, and half of the trick is finding the right software to accomplish such a task. Using a Canadian made tool that has been in business for over 25 years; one that is backed by 13,000+ accountants and bookkeepers, I’m entirely confident that I have everything I need when the tax man comes calling now that I’m using Sage 50.

When Sage 50 asked if I could host a giveaway on Geek with Style for them, I jumped all over it, ’cause if I can help one Canadian small business get such an incredible accounting tool under their belt, I’ll feel like I’ve accomplished something awesome this week!

Five Reasons to Use Sage 50

Here a five (of many) reasons why I’m sticking with Sage 50 to keep my small biz going:

  • I’m not just left to my own devices with the software (that was entirely easy to set up.)  With Sage 50 Pro Accounting, training through Sage University and an online knowledge base means that there will be an answer for all of my many many questions.
  • Create easy invoices for my clients. ‘Nuf said right? No more continual searching for client info, nor spending quality time searching for the right template.
    Sage 50 Pro Accounting Invoices
  • I can see where my cash is coming and going, so I can get a handle on how much of a monthly overhead I have (website hosting, image services, internet connection both at home and for my on-the-go social sharing, travel expenses, etc,) versus monthly advertising and sponsor revenue that keep Geek with Style going.
    Sage 50 Pro Accounting Payment Tracking
  • The Performance Dashboard gives me a great visual representation so that I can see my monthly performance colourfully. Sometimes such visual aids really help seeing the big picture! (puns intended)
  • Works with multiple currencies (two for the Pro version I use,) which is fabulous since a fair portion of my clients and vendors are US-based.

If that’s not enough, here are a few more Sage 50 Tidbits!

  • The #1 choice of small businesses in Canada, according to a 2013 independent study conducted by surveying 279 small businesses.
  • Supported for both English and French—application and customer support.
  • Software Platform: PC, For Microsoft Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8

Win a Copy of Sage 50 Pro Accounting 2015

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Good luck! 🙂

Please note that I was compensated for this review and giveaway, and the images above are stock (’cause, as much as I love you guys, we’re just not there yet for me to show you MY money.)