Keeping Business Casual with Addition Elle’s Michel Studio

by Aeryn Lynne

One of my first blog posts ever on Geek with Style was about Michel Studio (before I changed the site name to “Geek with Style” even.) Four years ago I fell in love with a clothing line that would convey serious business woman, while simultaneously being super comfortable and fun to wear. I came across this line while looking for something to wear at Toronto blog conference, and felt that Michel Studio would be the perfect kind of comfortable throughout long days of keynotes and panel watching, but also keep the “Entrepreneurs” statement going. Its been my go-to line for business wear ever since.

This week is chockfull of Blogging fun in New York City, where I’m meant to put my best foot forward (whether that’s my left or right remains to be seen!) Four years later and I’m still loving this fine line that will show I mean business when I meet up with fellow bloggers and possible future business partners, but also impart that I’m fabulously easy going.

Constantly on the go with friends, new and old, means I most likely won’t have a chance for a “costume change” between conference and evening socials and dinner and shopping excursions. Luckily the Michel Studio line fits virtually all occasions with style.

I’ve picked out a few outfits from Michel Studio’s Summer line, and can’t wait to share the #OOTDs on Instagram while in NYC!

In the meantime, here are a few of my fave choices available on Addition Elle right now! Would love to hear what your faves from Addition Elle ((And if you hadn’t noticed, AE has 60% off their SALE items now until July 18 at midnight ET! [aff link]))

Can you can guess which outfits I’ve brought to NYC with me?




Disclosure: Addition Elle is supporting my trip to New York with those couple of outfits that I can’t wait to share with you. All opinions are my own, as always.

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