How to Set Up Facebook’s Instant Articles and Why You Should

For over a year now, Facebook has had popular sites, such as Buzzfeed, testing out “Instant Articles”, a new feature for Facebook pages that primarily promote personal writing. If you’re a blogger, trying to promote your own articles/blog posts on your Facebook page, you may have noticed that it doesn’t get as many views or […]

Incredibly Ridiculous Facebook App Noises, and How To Get Rid of Them

So yesterday had me standing around a local crafts store (for TWO whole hours,) while the nephew Kit sat in a classroom and had fun making art. For the first half hour, I went around the store and made a wish list of pretty much their entire stock of everything, ’cause this geek loves to […]

10 of the Best IFTTT Recipes for Bloggers

I’m a huge fan of IFTTT Recipes (If This Then That) as a way to improve my work schedule as a blogger. IFTTT is a free online tool that uses conditional statements to help you automate those admin duties that are easy to do, but can become time consuming. And if there was only one […]

Track Your PR Contacts, Blog Ideas and Facebook Posts with These Tools

I’m doing this new trendy thing; trying to keep everything organized, including my blog work. Yes, there truly is such a concept! I was finding that I wasn’t really keeping my blog ideas and upcoming events ordered in such a way that I would actually remember to type up events, that interested me most, on […]

There are 300,000+ People Facebook Owes an Apology To

Like everyone else, I’ve been hearing about Facebook conducting an emotional experiment, and everyone is in an uproar, and asking the big question – was the study even legally obtained. All that anyone can do is shrug their shoulders and say, “Maybe.”  Every time I heard mention of it in the past few days, I […]

Goofy Facebook Is Once Again Goofy – Or, How Do You Schedule a Post??

Whether you agree with what they do or not, Facebook and Google are both highly interesting, complex creatures. Google continues to keep website owners and developers terrified and frazzled over whether or not Google will deem their site fit for their search engine, let alone ranking. You might know ALL there is to know about […]

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