Easily Save Money With The Best App for Grocery Shopping

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Save Money on Groceries with Flipp App

I have the best app for grocery shopping to share with you. If you haven't heard of Flipp, you should definitely drop everything and download it now (available both on Android and iOS.) There really isn't an excuse to not use this free app that will help you get the best prices for the groceries you shop for weekly.

Save Money Right Away

The Flipp app really does it all:

  • You can check for a few coupons, and the app will let you know if that same product is also on sale that week as well.
  • You can save your favourite flyers for quick browsing.
  • One of the best parts of this app is that you can create a shopping list of all the items you routinely purchase each week and find out right away if any products you purchase are on sale, and where.
  • And if you shop at a store that has a price matching guarantee, such as Walmart or Fresh Co, you simply show each clipped sale item on the phone to your cashier to get the better price advertised by their competitor.
Flipp Shopping Tabs to Explore

Absolutely everything you need to organize your next shopping trip, particularly for groceries.

Drowning in loyalty cards? I certainly am! If a store requires me to join a program to save on every shopping trip, I will join up. Before Flipp, I couldn't close my wallet, and still was missing half the cards I'd need in any given week. But now, thanks to the Flipp App, I can keep the majority of my cards on my phone and away from my wallet. My wallet thanks me, since it's no longer bulging at the seams!

Flipp Keeps All of Your Loyalty Cards Handy

You can even keep all of those loyalty cards in one spot so that you never need to go looking for them in your wallet again.

#FlippFoodChallenge - Make Your Grocery Bill Cheaper Without Sacrificing Your Favourite Foods

This past Saturday, Jay and I went grocery shopping at our local Walmart first thing in the morning. Since we've used the same grocery list on the Flipp app each week, we didn't really look ahead of time to find out what sales might be available for the items we always buy. While at the store, I easily checked each item in the app to see if there was a discount, and we wound up finding sales for about 80% of the items we were planning to buy!

Price matching has been my jam for years. I had the paper scanning, logging and showing down to an art (and even then, I would always luck out and have a cranky customer just behind me at checkout.)

When all we had were paper flyers for price matching, Jay and I would spend hours looking through them all and writing a list each week. The list would entail the product we wanted, which store had the better discount, the price and what page we'd find the ad, for quick access at checkout.  It was a lot of work back then. But now with the Flipp app, we hardly even think about checking for price matches, it just happens on the fly. I've also never had a cranky customer behind me, 'cause they're not as agitated by seeing you show an app to the cashier, over attempting to juggle 5+ flyers for price matching.

At the end of the trip, we saved $23 off our regular shopping bill, just by price matching alone. If I had bothered to check for coupons, I would have saved a couple more.

Price Matching Groceries with Flipp App - Simply by price matching 80% of the items we normally buy each week, we wound up saving $23!!

Simply by price matching 80% of the items we normally buy each week, we wound up saving $23!!

Does Dinner Taste Better When You Don't Pay Full Price?

Partially thanks to reading Extreme Couponing Mom's hilarious post on dinner disaster (go find out how much Flipp helped her save, I'm always in awe,) I talked Jay into having chicken for dinner for Saturday night; hoping I wasn't setting up my plans for a similar fail. I wouldn't have been surprised if the gods of cooking had it in for me the way I giggled over Aimee's post!

I was in the mood for spicy, breaded chicken bites, and we scored that same morning with the sauces we'd need for our meal.

Chicken Tenders with Roasted Potato and Onion

Dinner: homemade breaded chicken tenders with roasted potato and onion

Chicken Tender Sauce Tip
So here's how we made our two new favourite sauces that we absolutely drenched our chicken in.

Thanks to this week's savings using Flipp, our chicken tenders sauces cost roughly $3.50 each.

Thanks to this week's savings using Flipp, our chicken tenders sauces cost roughly $3.50 each.

Take 1 bottle of VH Sauce (either Teriyaki or General Tao, we did one of each,) 1 third of Frank's Red Hot Buffalo Wings sauce, and 1/2 cup of brown sugar. Mix these three ingredients over medium heat in a sauce pan for a few minutes. Dump your cooked chicken tenders into a Pyrex dish, and then pour the sauce on top until every tender is happily smothered!

If you have family members that aren't that gun-ho on spicy, add a dollop of ranch dressing to their dinner plates for dipping.

And we left room for dessert!

We saved on our desserts by clipping deals on Flipp from Foodland and Metro. Our sandwiches were roughly .30 with these weekly discounts.

We saved on our desserts by clipping deals on Flipp from Foodland and Metro. Our sandwiches were roughly .30 with these weekly discounts.

Quick & Easy Pillsbury Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches

Dessert: Pillsbury Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich

Made yummy ice cream cookie sandwiches with Pillsbury cookie dough and Chapman's ice cream.

Popping the Pillsbury cookie dough into the oven, just before sitting for dinner, meant we had warm cookies and ice cream at the ready for dessert, YUM!

Keep an Eye On Your Favourite Products

My secret ingredient for 75% of the foods I cook/bake/mix... Irresistibles Olive Oil Light Tasting Spray
Irresistables Olive Oil Light Tasting Spray

I put this olive oil on everything, and I love it so much, that I'll go out of my way to pick some more up when left with an empty bottle.

  • If I'm frying something up, or baking a dish that is liable to stick to the sheet, I use this olive oil spray as a non-stick agent.
  • If I want my food to be crisp, and golden brown, I'll use this spray as a way to get the outer layer to bake faster than within.
  • If I want to add a bit of olive oil to a pasta or salad, I simply squirt as much as I need.

I use it so much that I keep an eye out for whenever it might be on sale.

Irresistibles Olive Oil waiting for sale price on Flipp

Irresistibles Olive Oil: alas, not on sale this week! I always check so that I can stock up when the price is awesome.

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What are you waiting for?

Honestly, go download the app and get inspired for how much you can save each week. A reduced grocery bill is tangible and if you're saving up for something awesome, you'll be a few steps ahead by potentially keeping $20 in your pocket each week!

Geek with Style participate in #FlippFoodChallenge.
Disclaimer: Geek with Style participated in this summer's #FlippFoodChallenge, and was compensated as part of the challenge. All opinions are my own.

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