Easily Save Money With The Best App for Grocery Shopping

I have the best app for grocery shopping to share with you. If you haven’t heard of Flipp, you should definitely drop everything and download it now (available both on Android and iOS.) There really isn’t an excuse to not use this free app that will help you get the best prices for the groceries […]

The Best Smartphone Accessories to Get the Most Out of Your Day

Your smartphone is your life, right? If you yelled out “Ya know it!” enthusiastically, your smartphone needs to be souped up with incredible accessories to get the best out of life, and eliminate that pesky FOMO. You probably know all there is on smart watches, portable chargers, and Bluetooth headphones, but there is so much […]

How to Get Your Site’s Logo on Absolutely Everything with New Favicon Code

So, I’m not entirely sure when adding a favicon to your site was more than just adding <link rel=”shortcut icon” href=”/favicon.ico” type=”image/x-icon“> within the <head>, but boy have things changed! The hardest thing, even just a year ago, about loading the icon was getting your tiny 16px X 16px image to look anything remotely like your site’s logo, […]

Awesome App: Grabb Lunch Quickly in Toronto

Lunch hours can be a crazy thing, especially if you work in a fast-paced office in downtown Toronto. Before working as a Stay-at-Home-Entrepreneur, I did the Go Train mad-dash to and from Union Station, and it was always the beginning and end of the daily rush. I’ve been told that this rush and virtual strain to […]

New Cancer-Fighting Game App Goes Global: Re-Mission 2 – Nanobot’s Revenge

An incredible game recently came through my inbox that I couldn’t wait to share with you, in hope that this info will be shared with those in need.  Yep, as the title suggests, this is a game (smartphone/tablet app) that is supposed to help fight cancer. Granted, this game won’t cure cancer all on its […]