When was the last time you visited your library? Even if your answer was “yesterday,” go back to your branch and learn something new today. From free tickets to free digital creativity tools, The Toronto Public Library is an incredible, truly cost-effective resource; one that you should take full advantage of frequently. From 30,000 different programs to choose from, I’m sure there is something that you’ll want to explore!

Reading Programs for Your Children

All year long, the Toronto Public Library (TPL) is a great place to encourage your children to read and improve this necessary skill. From after-school tutoring to summer challenges with fun activities and prizes, your children will no doubt develop a love for the written word, and the adventures they can inspire.

TPL Childrens Reading Club
TPL Childrens Reading Club

Your Library is More Than The Sum of Its Books

The TPL offers more than just paper books for your pleasure. Check out their vast collection of magazines, daily global newspapers and even movies to borrow with your library card.

Don’t have time to read? There are more than 600 stories that you and/or your children can call in and listen to in 16 different languages!

Free Tickets to the Hottest Spots in Town

Did you know that TPL provides tickets to top Toronto destinations for free?  Thanks to the Sun Life Financial Museum + Arts Pass (MAP) program, we recently took our entire family to visit the Royal Ontario Museum, where Kit got to see incredible bits of rock that came from outer space, and dinosaurs!

Free tickets to the ROM available at the Toronto Public Library
Free tickets to the ROM available at the Toronto Public Library
Kit searching for dinosaur bones.
Kit searching for dinosaur bones.

You can never go wrong with visiting dinosaurs. Passes to places like the Toronto Zoo, Art Gallery of Ontario and Black Creek Pioneer Village are extremely limited, but not impossible to come by. Check out if your local branch has tickets available and be sure to camp out in front of your library next Saturday morning to participate!

TPL Free Tickets MAP - AGO
Toronto Public Library Free Tickets through MAP – Going to the AGO

Check out some of the awesome places you can go to, including:

  • AGO – Art Gallery of Ontario
  • Black Creek Pioneer Village
  • City of Toronto Historic Sites
  • Ontario Science Centre
  • ROM – Royal Ontario Museum
  • Toronto Zoo

Free WiFi

How does accessing the World Wide Web in a comfortable, air-conditioned, and clean environment sound?  The TPL boasts a strong WiFi connection that can help you connect online, whether for research or simply checking your email.

Life-Long Learning Programs

Learning doesn’t stop the moment you leave school. Our way of life is always changing, and there will be a moment where you’ll want guidance to move forward.

Have you ever wanted to start your own business, but didn’t know where to begin?  Start with the Toronto Public Library. Not only do they have 1000’s of books on business, but they also have the Business Inc. development program.

In 8 weeks, the TPL will provide you with all the information you need to set your business goals on the right path to success!

Inspire and Harness Digital Creativity

Did you know the TPL has 3D printers available for your use for free? If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to make toys/figurines, jewellery or even parts to improve your home, you can be certified in how to use a 3D Printer at one of the TPL’s participating branches and then let your imagination go wild! There is even a program for kids, ages 8 to 12, to learn all there is to know on how to print in 3D.

The Digital Innovation Hubs has a ton of software and equipment freely available for your use, including green screens for videos and Adobe Photoshop for photography.

Help the Toronto Public Library Keep our Community Active

One of the best parts of the library’s amazing programs and services they have on offer throughout the year, it’s all essentially free for anyone to use.

Unfortunately, our tax dollars don’t do enough to keep all the incredible activities available at the TPL going, so they need our help!

Check out the Toronto Public Library Foundation to see how you can support your community, in your own way. While the TPL is always in need of monetary donations, there are many other ways that you can support, even by simply donating books that you’re done reading.

Every $1 donated = $5.63 invested!

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[clickToTweet tweet=”Did you know @TorontoLibrary contributes $1 BILLION / year to #The6ix’s economy?” quote=”Did you know @TorontoLibrary contributes $1 BILLION / year to #The6ix’s economy?”]

Do me a favour, and visit the Toronto Public Library website now. Find a program that excites you, and share what you discovered with me in the comments below! I was shocked when I found the MAPs program only a month ago, and can’t wait to visit the AGO later this month thanks to our free tickets.