I’m a huge fan of IFTTT Recipes (If This Then That) as a way to improve my work schedule as a blogger. IFTTT is a free online tool that uses conditional statements to help you automate those admin duties that are easy to do, but can become time consuming. And if there was only one thing that every blogger needs, its more time. Here are ten (and a couple DO recipe bonuses) of the best IFTTT Recipes that help promote and manage our blogs and social networks a bit better.

Useful IFTTT Recipes To Improve Blogger Workflow

  1. Bring Instagram Images Back to Twitter

    I could totally KISS Wendy of MapsGirl.ca next time I see her for this IFTTT recipe! I’ve always hated that Twitter decided to not allow Instagram to push their photos as part of the tweet (leaving it as one big mess of text with a link instead,) but thanks to IFTTT, we have that functionality back!
    IFTTT Recipe: Share Instagram photos as native Twitter image connects instagram to twitter

  2. Putting Virtual in Virtual Assistant

    The Brilliant Natalie of PegCityLovely has created a little kick in the pants, iOS style, better known as a task manager, to create reminders of blog posts that are in much need of drafting.
    IFTTT Recipe: Email to Task Reminder connects email to ios-reminders

  3. Keep the Paparazzi In Check

    Sometimes you miss those little Facebook notices (or I do, like a lot,) that tell you when someone has tagged you in a photo. Have IFTTT send those photos to the box of your choice (I chose Skydrive, but Google’s Drive or Dropbox work just as well,) so that you have a copy of the image and know what’s out there of you.
    IFTTT Recipe: Every time you are tagged in a photo on Facebook, it will be sent to SkyDrive connects facebook to onedrive

  4. Breadcrumbs That Would Impress Hansel & Gretel

    So we’ve all learned (or should have learned) that those awesome people that are usually termed as “followers” would find it uncool if you have the same content showing up on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc. While it’s not good to keep sharing the same stuff over and over, (though I fully admit that Instagram to Twitter is an exception to this rule,) we may need some way to introduce one network to the other. So with this recipe, entice your Twitter followers with a juicy photo that was just posted to Facebook. Hopefully you’ll have a few curious cats to click through and find out what fun you’re up to on Facebook.
    IFTTT Recipe: Entice your Twitter Followers to Facebook connects facebook-pages to twitter

    Alternatively, if your Buffer channel is connected to Twitter, have these notices show up on Twitter at those moments that Buffer says will get the best coverage.
    IFTTT Recipe: Share Facebook Threads on Time connects facebook-pages to buffer

  5. Have IFTTT Keep Track of Those Important Tweets

    Ever needed to send a project manager a report of tweets you’ve made for their campaign? Use this recipe to keep track of tweets made by you with a specified hashtag. That way you don’t have to scroll through all your tweets later for each individual post (*shudders*).
    IFTTT Recipe: Campaign Tweet Tracker connects twitter to evernote

  6. Don’t Forget Facebook Campaign Posts

    A sister recipe to the one above, keep track of Facebook campaign posts, based on hashtag.
    IFTTT Recipe: Facebook Campaign Post Tracker connects facebook-pages to evernote

  7. Keep Yourself Organized for the Tax Man

    Nothing worse than trying to back track at the last minute, for all those campaign payments received through Paypal, am I right? Use IFTTT with Evernote to keep track of all payments received in one tidy note for when you have to claim. This recipe is built with GMail, but it’s simple to create a similar recipe if you’ve activated the Email channel.

  8. Send a Tweet Announcing Your New Blog Posts

    Exactly as it says on the box, send out one tweet with your new blog post (image included if found in your RSS feed.) Shake things up a bit by using Buffer instead of tweeting directly to Twitter. Having your tweet sent to Buffer also gives you a chance to edit the tweet should you need to.
    IFTTT Recipe: Feature your blog posts on Twitter connects feed to twitter
    IFTTT Recipe: Send Your New Blog Posts to Buffer connects feed to buffer

  9. Adding Awesome Tumblr Moments To Buffer for Timed Sharing

    Tumblr can be an amazing place to be for humorous/inspiring posts. Share your favourite moments from Tumblr on Buffer (that will direct the post to your chosen network in Buffer; Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc,) ’cause your readers/followers will most likely love those posts too.
    IFTTT Recipe: Share your Tumblr favourites with your readers. connects tumblr to buffer

  10. Attention Grabber

    Ever stuck on ideas for your blog? Or maybe its the complete opposite, where there’s just so much info on your fave topics and you need to filter it all somehow. Maybe you want to find the latest of articles on blogging techniques, which would be awesome right? Being a blogger generally means we love blogs, but sometimes we need an assistant to weed through the jungle to get the gems we really want. Use IFTTT’s list of news/blogging sites to get the info you want most, and dump the results to where you’ll most likely see the results. Feedly would be fab for this, but unfortunately you’re required to have their premium account to use IFTTT (if you’ve got it, use it!) Evernote, however, is my fave alternative.
    IFTTT Recipe: Catching Reddit News on Marvel connects reddit to evernote
    IFTTT News Sources

I DO IFTTT, Do you?

A couple bonuses, ’cause what’s a Top-10 post on GwS without something extra? IFTTT has a new function called DO, that requires a few apps to be downloaded to your iOS or Android phone depending on the usage you need. I’ll let IFTTT explain how it all works, but here are a couple DO recipes that will help bloggers with their mission.

Want to keep track of your work hours? One little button helps you figure that out!
IFTTT Recipe: Track your work hours connects do-button to google-drive

Ever collected a boat load of business cards and either not know where they came from, or just flat out lost the ones that are important to you? Keep quick track of those important cards so that you can contact that people you want in your life, without pulling out your hair and digging through piles of paper.
IFTTT Recipe: Remember this business card connects do-camera to evernote

Well, that’s it for my list! What are your favourite recipes? Let’s keep the sharing-love going by adding a link to your personal faves in the comments below! <3