So the last time I spoke of spring, Toronto had hail and even a bit of snow the following day. Not cool. I’m eager to rid of the cold weather, so I love the fact that one of my fave places to shop has a “Burst into Spring” event happening right now, complete with bonus Shoppers Optimum points, and a contest to win one of three awesome prizes. Let’s jump into warm spring weather with both feet and visit Shoppers Drug Mart for great products to prep for fabulously sunny days!

Essential Essentials that Help You Burst Into Spring

I did a little shopping spree at Shoppers Drug Mart last week. I figured, if I’m prepped for spring, it’ll eventually come, right? And right now at Shoppers Drug Mart, there are a ton of great beauty products that will not only help us get into a spring mindset, but also happen to have awesome bonus point offers as well! I just love those win-win moments!

Shoppers Drug Mart Burst Into Spring Beauty Products

Check out the full list of Burst Into Spring products storewide.

As a shopaholic, it’s fun checking out what’s new at my local Shoppers Drug Mart (that recently got a face lift to include a grocery section!) The employees are easily found for whenever I need help to find what I’m looking for, but they’re also always unobtrusive. They’ll smile and be friendly, (and the woman at the makeup counter will always say something welcoming whenever I first walk into the store,) but I love that I don’t have to keep telling the employees that I’m fine, that I don’t need help. I love that they’re there if I need something, but that they’re also chill, and will let me figure out the store for myself as I want.  I’ll admit, it gets annoying when stores are super adamant that their employees check in with you every few minutes to make sure you’re okay with your shopping experience. It actually gets stressful, having to prepare to say, “Nope, I’m good,” every few steps just to pick up milk or a DVD. So I am happy that Shoppers Drug Mart will leave their customers be to shop. But, what was truly fantastic about this shop though, was that most of the items I wanted to purchase during my spree were on sale, woot!  I saved close to $20 on sale prices alone, go me.

Local Shoppers Drug Mart

If you’re a west-end Torontonian, you might have noticed that the Runnymede (Runny) Theatre is now a Shoppers Drug Mart. I can’t wait to check out how the store looks and will have pics of the theatre turned bookstore turned pharmacy soon!

Five Fave Burst into Spring Products at Shoppers Drug Mart

There is an incredible list of products participating in the Burst into Spring event, and I went and picked out five of my faves just for you. While you can earn Shoppers Optimum points on almost every item in store, many of the Burst into Spring products have bonus offers, so keep an eye out for those!


Aveeno Protect + Hydrate SPF 45 Sunscreen

Technically, we should be wearing sunscreen every day, all year long, but there’s something about spring that says, “Time to get the SPF out!”I’m a big fan of Aveeno, so I decided to give their Protect + Hydrate line a try.  An SPF 45 blocks 98% of UVB rays, which is enough for me, and this one includes 80 minutes of water resistance (i.e. won’t rub-off easily when you sweat under that glorious sun,) meaning I’m as protected as I can be for the recommended 2 hours before re-applying, if I’m going to be in the sun all day long.As far as sunscreens go, this cream is fairly light when applied, and only has a faint scent.  The packaging itself isn’t obtrusive, so it will be really easy to dump it into a side pocket of my spring purse, without having to reorganize for a massive bottle.Aveeno’s Protect + Hydrate is also recognised as sun protection from the Canadian Dermatology Association, which is comforting to see when choosing an SPF.


Klorane Dry Shampoo With Oat Milk

I am so very fascinated with dry shampoos these days. For years, my hair would hang flat along my scalp… I’d almost look like I had floppy dog ears the way my thick hair would blossom out between my ears and neck, but lay as flat as if I took an iron to the roots. It’s not a pretty look.I’ve begun to wonder if I was over-washing my hair. Even though I was getting a nice shine with whichever shampoo/conditioner combo I was using at the time, maybe it was too much of a good thing in the long run. And I think I’m onto something, ‘cause my hair looks fuller from root to tip these days. I’m not rocking the dog-ear effect as much anymore, and I’m currently attributing it to a 4-day wash cycle instead of everyday.Klorane is the latest dry shampoo I’ve tried, and it just might be my favourite. Especially as this one has a natural shade, should I miss combing some of the shampoo out of my hair (TheHubs says when left in, it looks like I have these really cool highlights.) Dry shampoos that come in a spray bottle seem to be the easiest to deal with, and there wasn’t any fuss to remove left over residue after it settled in 2 minutes (as directed.)


Life Brand Vitamin D 1000IU Soft Gels

We’ve been told time and again to go out, play in the sun and get your intake of Vitamin D. Vit D has a ton of health benefits, including improving the health of your bones and teeth.While the sun is awesome, I’m more particular to SPF, so I compensate with vitamins instead. From what I understand (though I’m in no way anywhere close to being any sort of health professional,) 1000IU is a good baseline for a daily dose. 600IU is the average recommended intake, though the safe upper limit for tolerable intake is 4000IUs (Yep, I’ve been researching, ‘cause my doc always says I’m deficient in Vit D.)Taking 1000IU (International Units) daily means I’ll be supporting my vitamin D intake from the sun to maintain/improve my overall health (and maybe even get my doc off my back, heh.)


Vaseline Intensive Care Spray Moisturizer Dry Skin Repairsdm-vaseline-points-offer

No matter how careful I am at adding sunscreen to my life, dry skin becomes a thing to deal with after a long day in the sun. Vaseline is a brand that both TheHubs and I are happy with, and their spray moisturizer is a fabulously easy way to get full body coverage quickly without that greasy feeling afterwards.Getting 10x the Shoppers Optimum Points with each purchase is a great bonus too!


Ice Breakers Cool Blast Peppermint Chewssdm-ice-breakers-points-offer

Now that wedding and BBQ seasons are upon us, we’ll need a quick little refresh after the buffet, or piling on onions to my burgers n’ dogs. The new Cool Blasts are little squares of extremely cool feeling, minty chews, which was entirely awesome and much needed after a cousin’s wedding reception last weekend.Bonus points are also awesome since I’ll need to stockpile for this season!

Check out what others are saying about #BurstIntoSpring on Twitter and Facebook.  And be sure to go visit your local Shoppers Drug Mart for a chance to win 1 of 3 prizes of $10,000. *See in-store or for details. The in-store contest runs from now to May 22nd.

Win With Geek with Style

Winning 1 of 3 prizes of $10,000 is truly an awesome thing, but that’s not the only place to win a fabulous Shoppers Drug Mart prize!  *Leave a comment below, telling me which Shoppers Drug Mart Spring products you want to try this spring, and you will be entered to win a gift basket full of Shoppers Drug Mart Spring products! How cool is that??