5 Amazing Ways The Toronto Public Library Can Enrich Your Life Today

Visit Toronto Public Library Today

When was the last time you visited your library? Even if your answer was “yesterday,” go back to your branch and learn something new today. From free tickets to free digital creativity tools, The Toronto Public Library is an incredible, truly cost-effective resource; one that you should take full advantage […]

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Recommended Reading Book List for Geek Kids with Printable

Summer Reading for Geek Kids and Reading Log Book Finding Printable Kit

Summer may be all about fun in the sun, but for our family it’s all about getting our reading on too! The start of summer was also the beginning of our household’s imaginative adventure, where we spend a little time each day reading something new. If you haven’t guessed yet, […]

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Three Simple Steps to Appreciate the Moment

Three Simple Steps to Enjoy the Moment

Spring is all about rebirth, which makes it a great moment to take stock of your well-being and find small ways to live life better. I’ve been trying to find ways to improve my every day, so that not only will I have enough energy to get things done, but […]

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New Comics Released: Wednesday Jan 28, 2015

Bear with me, I want to share my love of comics with you in some informative way… just working out the kinks I guess.  For the uninitiated, Wednesdays are comic release days, so I’m thinking I’m going to share which comics I’m looking forward to picking up today at Red […]

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