Geeks are truly buzzing this week as the International Consumer Electronic Show (CES) opens their door for another year, from January 8th to 11th!  Online though, there is a sweet amount of info pouring out from the show today as it’s PRESSDAY!   And the press?  LOVES to talk and get the trending info out there first, so all I need to do is microwave non-buttery popcorn (did you know that just the buttery smell from a bag of microwaved popcorn is actually toxic??), pull up my twitter feed for the official #2013CES twitter feed AND the unofficial #CES2013 feed, and feast on the ever populating feed of awesome tech goodies.

I also happen to be watching CBC news and their minute-bit from CES 2013 had some neat video.

I think what I’m most interested in is the consumer possibilities of 3D printing.  Did you know that you could build your own iphone case design and have it printed?  3D printing technology is going to revolutionize our passion of plastic products.

Have you ever dreamed of creating a realistic “Barbie” doll for your child?  One with average body proportions for healthy self/body-image?  How about building a miniature car designed by your kid?  Did you and your buddies ever develop a board game back in the day, and wished you could find a company willing to build the parts/game-pieces?

What if I told you that the technology is already there to do these type of 3D projects?  In fact, this tech has been around since roughly the 1980s, but is becoming more and more affordable with age.  As the developers are creating precise sculpting technologies, and easier open source software, you could potentially own one of these printers yourself for about $700.  Just like regular printers, there are differences on what each 3D printer can do, and affordable family/home printing may be another five years (when it may become as easy as printing a word document); but I’m thinking there are many Trekkies/Trekkers that are ecstatic of how much closer we are to Star Trek Replicators (not to be confused with Stargate’s Replicators.)

In the meantime, 3D Systems has created a consumable (though not necessarily affordable) home printer under their public store The CubeX printer can create shapes as large as a basketball (10.8” x 10.45” x 9.5” or 275 mm x 265 mm x 240 mm.)  It can actually print in multicolour (if you choose the most expensive model, the CubeX Trio), and has 18 colours to choose from!

3D Systems CubeX Trio


As a designer wannabe, the idea that I could take digital projects and create actual 3D models, which could become fashionable items like jewelry, accessories, laptop/smartphone accessories (cases), etc is a really exciting prospect.

According to Cubify, I could even make a pair of shoes! CubeX printed 3D fashionable shoes!

What’s making me go all eye-roll-y?  The introduction of the HAPIfork is probably this year’s *Facepalm* winner for me.



This fork monitors your eating habits and can even provide a bar graph so that you can see how quickly/slowly you eat.  This USB connected device will light up when you eat too quickly, and thus has both instant and documented feedback for you to measure for as long as you use this utensil.  The purpose is to counter weight gain, digestive problems, gastric reflux, and postoperative complications.

Why the eye roll?  I can see how this could help with stomach issues, such gastric reflux, ’cause eating slower could potentially limit the amount of … well, refluxing.  But I’m prepared to see this being marketed as a dieting tool instead.  I’m not the slowest eater out there, but I’m certainly not the fastest either, and while this may help some who need to lose a few pounds… I don’t see those numbers being high.  I know a few rake-thin people who eat quicker than me, but their metabolism *helps* them maintain their thin shapes (as does their calorie choices and exercise).  Likewise, I know a number of full-figured gals who count while they chew and are still the beautiful gals they’ve always been (whom also watch their calories and exercise).

Or lets put this in another light – chocolate cake is chocolate cake, no matter how slow you devour it.

I’ve also come across some horrific info that this $99 fork vibrates when you lift it to your mouth too soon.  …  Um… no thank you.

Again, this is Press Day and so we haven’t seen much for the HAPIfork, but this one picture below is making me think HAPIlabs is going to push their product as a dieting tool…

I’d like to title this one as “Skinny Girl doesn’t need a HAPIfork ’cause she’s skinny!”  I found this picture directly on the HAPIfork webpage… you’d think they’d use a happy model using a HAPIfork, but apparently that’s old skool.

This girl doesn't need a HAPIfork because she's skinny!

These are just two products that I found among the awesomes (an not-so’s) in the twitter #2013CES Geek Feed.

What else is there to look forward to?

  • Paper-thin bendable display “monitors”… just think when you can fold/bend your tablets like a newspaper!
  • Coffee-table sized PC… tables; fun for the whole family!  Imagine not having to pull your board games out from the closet, as the board can be loaded directly from the table.
  • Google TV through the ASUS Qube – now you can watch your favourite streaming shows on your TV again (instead of using your computer.)

Are you watching the CES feeds?  Or maybe you’re a lucky duck in Las Vegas attending the show?   What products made it to your A-List this year?