I’m well and truly excited to tell you guys about a new plus size clothing store in the west end of Toronto!  First, YAY for variety. It’s nice to be able to have another place to shop for the perfect outfits to suit any occasion! Second, and more importantly, Your Big Sister’s Closet is owned by none other than our favourite plus size blogger Curvy Canadian!

WOOT!!  Who would know better of what plus sized fashionistas are missing than a plus sized fashionista??

And Karen is obviously eating her Lucky Charms, ’cause how else would you explain the utterly warm spring-like weather during a Grand Opening event in the middle of January??

This past Saturday was a gorgeous day to get out and do those errands that you’ve been pushing back since November. The hubs and I went out to do those errands, all along Dundas St. West, and it was really fabulous to see numerous pink bags sporting the Your Big Sister’s Closet logo, while shoppers in the Junction moved from store to store.

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Check out Karen’s Blog for some beautiful pics of whats available in store!

Karen’s new store is so fabulous, and well priced… I hope she won’t mind when I move in! ‘Cause honestly? I could totally play dress-up in her new pad all day long! She has quite a variety of items, including the essentials, such as: tops, pants, skirts, dresses, in brand names that I otherwise could only have found outside of Canada. On top of the essentials though, Your Big Sister’s Closet also has some great coats/jackets, accessories, hand bags and even … *drum roll please* … WIDE CALF BOOTS!!

I know plenty women in the City of Toronto that have been begging for wide calf boots (we’ve even had long discussions about this very issue here on Geek with Style); many of which are not plus-sized by any means, but have strong, muscular calves that just won’t fit knee-highs in regular width. I know of one other store in Toronto that has just recently begun selling wide-calved boots, but currently only have a few and are all in black leather. Your Big Sister’s Closet has the requisite black boots too, but there are at least a few other pairs in store of differing hues. Bottom line, we’ve got choices.

Eeek! I love choices! 😀

Next time you’re in the Junction, go say, “Hi!” to Karen at her brand new store. You’ll love what she’s done with the place! 🙂