Office? Oh you mean my fave coffee table… or the FanExpo?

A friend recently asked where do I work, and the easiest answer is everywhere.  Thanks to not one, but two #IntelPowered 2 in 1 tablets, including my ASUS Transformer 2 in 1, I can virtually make anyplace my office, and that’s an awesome thing, (Psst, find out more about Intel 2 in 1s here.)  I […]

Back to School Tech Series: Finding the Right Mobile Computer

Welcome to part one of Geek with Style procrastinated Back to School Tech series! Okay, truth, not really procrastinated, instead more of an idea borne last night, but “procrastination” sounds more catchy right?  Its the best time to find a mobile computer for the post-secondary students in your life, so here are a few suggestions […]

Showcasing Fabulous Tech at CES 2013

Geeks are truly buzzing this week as the International Consumer Electronic Show (CES) opens their door for another year, from January 8th to 11th!  Online though, there is a sweet amount of info pouring out from the show today as it’s PRESSDAY!   And the press?  LOVES to talk and get the trending info out […]

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