Jeanne Beker's EDIT 2013 Spring Collection for Addition Elle

by Aeryn Lynne

Last month, I've had the pleasure of meeting Jeanne Beker (Fashion Television, Toronto Star) not once, but twice! She's promoting her upcoming plus size EDIT line, exclusively created for Addition Elle.

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It was a real treat to be able to listen to her and Roslyn Griner's (Vice President of Marketing for Addition Elle) vision of fashionable wear for the coming Spring 2013. I have to tell you, I just cannot wait for this new collection to wind up in stores! The pieces I've had a chance to see are gorgeous, as are the new jewelry pieces and shoes!

I will always be an AE gal (in fact, I was labelled as "The girl wearing Addition Elle from head to toe" at one of the last conferences I went to, lol,) and this Spring, the Hubs is going to have to pray that I'm not gonna break our bank while I happily pick up one of everything. The piece that I'm really looking forward to is the white knit top shown above. I can see myself keeping warm on the cooler days with this piece, that will easily go with everything. I've shied away from coral and minty colours before, but am now wishing I could wear them tomorrow, 'cause these pieces look so fresh and stylish to wear. Bring on the spring!

Like all fashionistas, I have a fond respect for Jeanne Beker (@Jeanne_Beker) as a world renowned fashion icon, with truly fabulous taste (I was *REALLY* coveting the yellow blazer she wore when I got to meet her the first time! *hearts*) I was particularly surprised to find out that she had a rather personal reason to create a plus size line. Turns out she grew up with a sister and close friend whom were both "full figured". She heard the cries of fashionable souls stuck in bodies that didn't fit the "straight size" mould at a young age, and is thus no stranger to our trials for better choice in clothing.

As much as I cannot wait for Spring 2013 to come around, I'm even more excited to see how Beker will shape this plus-sized EDIT brand in the future!

Check out the full gallery of pics I took during the EDIT events (including Beker's yellow blazer  that I would give my pinkie to fit into!)

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