The BlogHer 2012 conference is SO close! I have that kid waiting for Santa to finally arrive type of excitement going on, as I continue to check and recheck my calendar. It's like I need to keep confirming how much time I have to finish preparing for what has touted to be one of the most amazing and largest blogging conferences ever!


YAY!! But more about that later…

Getting ready for any trip is all about priority, and I am pleased to announce that I've accomplished the most necessary task of necessary tasking. In fact, if this was the only thing I got completed before my first ever trip to New York, NY, I would be satisfied.

Last night I had discovered that there is a fabulous app for caffeine enthusiasts for both Android and Apple smartphones. There is this liquid gold that keeps my motor running on day 3, when I've had little sleep and start mistaking conference room II for conference room II II II. (Pick a door, any door!) Mmm… Coffee.

Starbucks has an app that manages your funds so that you don't have to search for that one more dime while you're doing that cross-eyed thing before the first caffeine of the day hits. And that's something I will need.

Starbucks Login Starbucks Member Card Funds Available

And if I get lost? This app includes a google-powered map that even tells me whether or not the Starbucks I want to head to is currently open or closed. Woot! 'Cause there is nothing like wanting to get that quick pick-me-up only to find that all of your favourite baristas are home sleeping.

According to Google's Maps directions it will take me 18 seconds to get from the Hilton to the Starbucks across the street.

Let's hope so!
From Hilton to Starbucks in 18 seconds.
If that was it for this post, I would say it was amazing, but there is one more super awesome chapter to this story. You must know about PunchTab by now. You'll occasionally see this point collecting widget when you visit a website (like this one!)

100 Points Just for Visiting

Well, this chick wound up earning a $5 Starbucks gift card simply for visiting a certain site often enough. Woot! Which means my first Mocha Coconut Frappuccino® Light Blended Beverage in New York will not cost me that dime that I was looking for! Booyah.

Will you be going to BlogHer 2012 as well? Shout out below if you are! And if nothing else, I totally recommend downloading the Android or the iPhone app asap, and get yourself ready to PARTAY!