How to Get Cineplex Scene Points for Free

If you’re a science fiction/fantasy fan, 2017 is an awesome year for movies! It’s going to get expensive by visiting the movie theatre that much more to see all that Hollywood has to offer, such as Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, LIFE, and Thor: Ragnarok. If Cineplex is your go-to theatre, then chances are […]

The Sci-Fi and Fantasy DVDs Your Geeks Want for Christmas

Movies are hands down, the easiest gift to buy when you’re in need of a quick, affordable present. Geeks and science fiction/fantasy movies go hand in hand. We eat the latest of cinematic effects technology up with a spoon. Star Wars Rogue One doesn’t release in theatres until this December, but you’ve probably been hearing […]

Kingsman: The Secret Service Released on Blu Ray

Kingsman: The Secret Service released on blu-ray yesterday! If you haven’t seen this epic movie, it stars Colin Firth, Samuel L Jackson, Michael Cane and Taron Egerton, as Gary ‘Eggsy’ Unwin, the brilliant thug that quickly has aspirations to become a spy. This movie has all the things, including hilarious moments, jaw-dropping fight scenes, incredible […]

The #Expendables 2 Posters Are Here!

So a couple of hours ago, Lions Gate did a bit of a “treasure hunt” where you could run around and collect all 12 posters for the new Expendables 2 movie to release on August 17th. When I first heard of the posters being… well, posted, I thought the movie was going to hit theaters […]

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