The #Expendables 2 Posters Are Here!

Aeryn Lynne

So a couple of hours ago, Lions Gate did a bit of a "treasure hunt" where you could run around and collect all 12 posters for the new Expendables 2 movie to release on August 17th. When I first heard of the posters being... well, posted, I thought the movie was going to hit theaters soon (and we NEED a good movie out there, c'mon!) Turns out, I won't get to see this until after I get back from the Blogher 2012 convention.


It's probably the most violent movie that I enjoy. And I really don't like watching violence simply for the sake of violence. It drives the hubby uber-nuts, but I refuse to watch horror (so he has to wait until I'm not around, heh.), but for some reason I can watch this one over and over and not totally cringe at all the gratuitous cg. *shrugs*

Maybe it's because I'm busy laughing so hard? We got to watch the premiere of the first movie with those free first-come-first-serve tickets (or else, I might not have seen it at all, to be honest), and the entire house was one big laughfest. So. much. FUN!

OMG check out the pretty...

The #Expendables 2 Posters Are Here! 1

Only movie that I've liked Stallone, heh. Was that worm around his mouth in the last movie too? It has it's own credit right?

The #Expendables 2 Posters Are Here! 2

I didn't find this poster until near the end. I was worried. They BEST not have written out the Statham! lol!

The #Expendables 2 Posters Are Here! 3

Another actor/character that I was about to have fits over if he didn't come back, hahaha. But more than that, I would have had serious tears if his shotgun didn't come back. That USAS is quite possibly my favourite character. "Remember this sh!t at Christmas!" I have no CLUE why that scene makes me ROFLMAO each and every time! I might just be picturing him mowing down a line-up at a Wal-Mart. Just maybe.

The #Expendables 2 Posters Are Here! 4

He better be just as psycho! ๐Ÿ˜€

The #Expendables 2 Posters Are Here! 5

Who is this??? Hmmm....

The #Expendables 2 Posters Are Here! 6

Yeeeahhh, baby. Don't know. Can't wait. ๐Ÿ˜€

The #Expendables 2 Posters Are Here! 7

So. many. jokes. Have at it in the comments below! Even Norris' jokes kick ass. ๐Ÿ˜€

The #Expendables 2 Posters Are Here! 8

Love his lastname: Couture. How awesome. ๐Ÿ˜‰

The #Expendables 2 Posters Are Here! 9

He's back, baby!

The #Expendables 2 Posters Are Here! 10

So. much. kick. ass.

The #Expendables 2 Posters Are Here! 11

Man, he totally has that "They're not gonna find you, or your dog." face down. Woot!

The #Expendables 2 Posters Are Here! 12

Can not wait to see his moves!

The #Expendables 2 Posters Are Here! 13

I'm excited. Can you tell?? So here's where I got all the eye-candy from! (Not soon enough!!)
MTV Movies Blog
Ain't It Cool News
AOL Moviefone
Yahoo! Movies

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