Lunch hours can be a crazy thing, especially if you work in a fast-paced office in downtown Toronto. Before working as a Stay-at-Home-Entrepreneur, I did the Go Train mad-dash to and from Union Station, and it was always the beginning and end of the daily rush. I’ve been told that this rush and virtual strain to the mind-body-soul is a uniquely Toronto thing, at least for Canadians (I can imagine New York is just as keyed up as we are.) We Torontonians have places to go, people to see, like yesterday darn it, we’re perpetually late just by the standards and demands we and our bosses place on ourselves.  In fact, I know quite a few people that skip lunch altogether, just because they can’t find enough time, and that’s just not healthy. Well, there’s good news for those working downtown, with an app that shaves some of the time it takes to grab your lunch. ‘Cause there’s nothing worse than spending more time in line instead of enjoying your lunch break as you should. Also? Keep reading, ’cause this post includes a fab discount code for your first lunch and even a giveaway for a few free lunches, awesome right?

Grabb The App Now

Meet Grabb, the Android and iOS app that helps you order and pay for your lunch easily before heading to the restaurant/cafe/fast-food joint for pickup.  I’m a big fan of HERO Certified Burgers, which is where I tested the app, but they have a great list of fab partnered locations to grab food at anytime, including:

  • Fresh Off the Boat (delicious and unique seafood)
  • Aroma Espresso Bar (local favourite cafe/coffee shop)
  • Buna’s Kitchen (modern European gourmet quick serve cafe)
  • The Chickery (authentic fast casual chicken)
  • What a Bagel (great for a quick lunch!)
  • Brioche Doree (Parisian style cafe)
  • Market Street Catch (another great seafood restaurant, located near St. Lawrence Market)
  • Mean Bao (steamed buns filled with deliciously marinated pork or other meats/veggies)

Download the free app to see all the locations available near you on their easy to use map!

Look how truly easy it is to order the food you want, with a few swipes and button touches your order will be complete in less than a minute, and without having the cashier get your order wrong! You know, I had this one difficult moment when trying to order an iced coffee at one of our favourite coffee shops (without use of any app.)  When it was finally my turn at the cash register, I kept asking for a “medium iced coffee” and somehow that continuously translated as “medium iced latte” to the cashier no matter how many times I repeated the order to her (FIVE… maybe even six attempts just to get that iced coffee I was in the mood for.)  She actually got ticked at me in the end for “changing” my order to “medium iced coffee” while she tried to take my money, lol. An app like Grabb makes for less human error.

Grabb - Order from Bacon Nation Menu

Have you ever been to Bacon Nation? I haven’t, but must admit, I gotta go try either that Pig Mac Burger or The Notorious P.I.G.  One added bonus about this app though, is that I wouldn’t actually have to utter words like “Pig Mac” or “Nortorious P.I.G.” just to get the burger I want, LOL.  I’m all for fun named burgers, but sometimes its a mouthful, when you’re hungry.

Grabb - Order from Bacon Nation Burger List

I surprised Jay with lunch last week. I knew he’d have a little extra time to enjoy a meal out of the office, so decided that I’d get him to join me for lunch while I tested the app, and was pleasantly surprised that this app is versatile enough that I can order more than one meal at a time. So if its your turn to grab lunch for the office, you can rack up the entire order all at once with Grabb. We ordered our meal while on our walk to the restaurant and had our exact order ready by the time we got there.

The app gives you a bit of heads up on how long you’ll have to wait for your order (whether they’re currently in a lunch-rush, or if they’ve got nothing better to do than make your order,) and also how far in line you are compared to other Grabb users that are waiting for their orders too. At the moment, I’m always in first in line, ’cause the Grabb app is so new, but I’m kinda looking forward to see myself second in line. It’ll mean that Grabb is getting more popular, which would be great to see!

The #GrabbLunch Special

As promised, there is a special discount code for my special readers, like you! Use “geekwithstyle” on your first order at get 25% off your meal on Grabb! That’s like a free drink or dessert, heh. 🙂

And Grabb also wants to give one of you lucky readers a few free meals from your choice of their partnered restaurants.

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Good luck! 🙂