Welcome to the 8th week of #NewComicBookDay on Geek with Style, woot! Some people have #WordlessWednesdays, and then some of us have way too much to say. This week we’re celebrating The Collector’s Edition, as comic fans in and around the GTA get ready to play at Toronto Comicon this weekend! I cannot wait to check out all the awesome cosplay costumes; I almost feel like there should be a Bingo game or scavenger hunt for collecting cosplay character photos at these cons. Or even a “guess how many” game, like guess how many Batmans and Deadpools will be seen. I think last year’s FanEXPO had at least five different Deadpools (three of which were a family.) And while New Comic Book Days are exciting, I’m entirely torn this week! Attempting to not spend too much this week, while I save up to go do the crazy spending spree in my search for wanted comics this weekend. There are some great issues to splurge on at the comic shop today though. #Decisions

In Search of Those Hard to Finds

Certain comics can be hard to find. The longer you wait, the harder it might be to find those special issues, and well, they’re gonna cost you more too. There are a few comics that I know will cost me a pretty penny once I finally find them. Last year’s “big” purchase for me was spending $20 on Hawkeye #3. That’s just #3! I still need #1 and #2, so I know those two are gonna cost me much more when I find them.

I’m also holding out hope to one day eventually find Skottie Young’s A-Babies Vs X-Babies at a price that I can say yes to. Think Muppet Babies, but as Avengers and X-Men. It’s a sickeningly uber-cute comic that was the catalyst for Young’s multitude of variant baby covers that launched with every key comic issue for the past couple of years (of which I have many. Baby Hulk makes me laugh each and every time, OMG.)

A vs X Babies 2012

A vs X Babies Cover 2012

Like this panel from the original A vs X Babies comic. How do you not stupidly giggle over it??
A vs X Babies Hulk

And there will be a new five issue story, both written and drawn by Skottie Young, of crazy baby Avengers vs X-Men shenanigans, starting this June 2015! Oh, the cuteness of Giant-Size Little Marvel: A vs X might end me.
Giant-Size Little Marvel: A vs X

Toronto Comicon Exclusive Comics

What’s a comic convention without its own comic exclusives? As much as I love Star Wars in movie format, I’m not the biggest fan of the comics. Apparently that doesn’t stop me from wanting the limited-edition Star Wars #1 FanEXPO variant cover that will be sold for a whopping $20! I enjoy picking up a couple show exclusive items every year, but at $20, this might be the one and only purchase for me from the Toronto Comicon Store.

Serious <3 for this Star Wars #1 partial sketch cover by Salvador Larroca
TCC Star Wars Exclusive 001 Cover

In the meantime, here are the comics from my #PullList for this week.

Marvel Comics Released on Wednesday March 18, 2015

  1. All-New Captain America #5
  2. All-New X-Men #39
  3. Amazing Spider-Man #16.1
  4. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad #1
  5. Black Widow #16

    I realised while creating this list that I haven’t yet read #15, so today will be double the fun! 🙂 If you remember, #15 had a variant cover that I just had to have, and I had no clue how limited it was. Most stores in Toronto didn’t carry it, and the ones that did, sold out pretty quickly, so I ended up purchasing a copy online instead. Ebay? Yeah, those peeps wanted over $50 for that cover, but I was lucky to find it elsewhere for just under $20, woot. It’s a good thing that I’m not a fan of this issue’s variant cover… I’m still not over having looked everywhere for the last one!

    #NewComicBookDay Black Widow 016 Cover 2015
    Writer: Nathan Edmondson
    Cover Artist: Phil Noto
    NATASHA GETS AN OFFER…WILL SHE REFUSE? • CHAOS gets closer than ever before. • An enemy resurfaces…with a surprising agenda! • Can Natasha stay in the game, or will she get burned?
  6. Bucky Barnes: Winter Soldier #6
  7. Captain America & the Mighty Avengers #6
  8. Cyclops #11
  9. Guardians Team-Up #3

    So far, I’m enjoying this comic series, and this particular issue has me curious. Remember the Guardians of the Galaxy movie from back in August? Yep, that one. Remember the hardcore villain, Ronan the Accuser, that had no qualm of being a weapon of mass destruction with his own special hammer (even without the Infinity Stone(s)? TBH, the movie version of Ronan freaked me out more than Thanos.) Well… in this comic, the Guardians team-up with that BAMF. Whoa.

    #NewComicBookDay Guardians Team-Up 003 cover
    Writer: Sam Humphries
    Cover Artist: Mike Mayhew
    THE BLACK VORTEX continues to ravage the galaxy! When the Black Vortex strikes at the heart of the Kree Empire, Ronan the Accuser must join the battle with the Guardians! Will Ronan make the ultimate betrayal to save his Kree brothers?
  10. Hulk #13

    If you haven’t figured out yet, this is a happy Deadpool zone. Have you seen my new Pinterest board dedication?? So I might just pick up this comic for the cover art, ’cause right now, I can’t seem to get enough of Deadpool (and he’s slated to have a similar fate to the other much loved Canuck, Wolverine, on April 1st… I’ve never hoped so hard for an April Fool’s joke, yo.)

    #NewComicBookDay Hulk 013 cover
    Writer: Gerry Duggan
    Cover Artist: Mark Bagley
    GUEST STARRING DEADPOOL • DOC GREEN hires DEADPOOL for a very sensitive mission. Is he more trouble than he’s worth? An unexpected person voices concern over Doc Green’s ANTI-GAMMA campaign. DID WE MENTION DEADPOOL?

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  11. Loki: Agent of Asgard #12

    EW. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Nah, seriously. Yuck. I WISH there was a variant cover for this one, ’cause that whole eating entrails thing? Not for me. Not even a little bit. Except, zombies. BUT, I’ve been sucked into this series, and its not like I could just skip one of them. Bad Loki. Stop… eating yourself? Ew.

    #NewComicBookDay Loki 012 cover
    Writer: Al Ewing
    Cover Artist: Lee Garbett
    He’s Loki’s older, nastier, vastly more powerful future self. His machinations have cost Loki everything… but who IS King Loki? What kingdom would have him? What dread Asgard is he the Agent of? And what evil scheme has he been brewing all this time? This issue — King Loki tells all!
  12. Magneto #16
  13. Marvel Universe Avengers Assemble Season Two #5
  14. Marvel Universe Guardians of the Galaxy #2
  15. Moon Knight #13
  16. Princess Leia #2
  17. Silk #2
  18. Storm #9
  19. The Punisher #16
  20. The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #3
  21. Wolverines #11

DC Comics Released on Wednesday March 18, 2015

  1. Batgirl #40
  2. Batgirl: Endgame #1
  3. Batman Eternal #50
  4. Batman/Superman #20
  5. Batwoman #40
  6. Earth 2: World’s End #24
  7. Green Lantern: New Guardians #40
  8. Infinite Crisis: Fight For The Multiverse #9
  9. Injustice: Gods Among Us Year Three #12
  10. Red Hood and the Outlaws #40
  11. Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman #8
  12. Supergirl #40
  13. Superman #39
  14. Teen Titans #8
  15. The New 52: Futures End #46
  16. Trinity of Sin #6

Are you working on a comic collection? What epic issues are you looking for? Love to here what’s in your pull list for this week too!