If today’s rain is anything to go by, we’re finally into spring! It even felt like it was 1 or 2 degrees above zero at some points throughout the day, so time to get the shorts out! Or at the very least, put those thermals away finally. I’m always excited to find out what Addition Elle has in store, each and every season, though I find spring and fall styles to be my faves. So, check out what items have caught my eye at their online store! And don’t hesitate to give me a virtual swift kick to the butt for choosing a TON of grey/black/white items this time around. #Oops

They’re all just so pretty!

Have you done any spring shopping for clothes yet? Or is it hard to believe that the weather will get any warmer? My closet is still packed with winter-wear, and simply can’t wait to pack that all away for the next seven-ish months!

Check out Addition Elle, as there are new gorgeous outfits rolling out constantly!