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Travel Guide

We the North

Toronto, Ontario Canada is an amazing city, but don’t take my word for it. Come over for a visit and find out for yourself! Here are some of my favourite Toronto travel guides to make your stay just a little bit more incredible.

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Nerding it up over all things Geek Lifestyle, unapologetic oversharing on gadget and smart-home technology, pop-culture, and travel.

Life of a Geek

A Geek Girl Exploring a Geek World

Living in Toronto, ON Canada, eager to explore my hometown for its nerdy atmosphere, and on the hunt for more during my travels.

I grew up learning to hide my inner-geek.

I was afraid to give anyone a reason proving that I didn’t belong.

It was just as hard earning my geek-cred the few times I had tried. If I didn’t know all the characters of a random, imported anime, well, that just meant I was pretending to be something I wasn’t.

Now? It’s exciting times to be nerdy. It’s freeing. Geek Lifestyle is a thing!

Celebrate your strengths. Enjoy every moment. 100% refuse to live with one arm tied behind your back.

In your travels, in your day to day, live long, and prosper.


Aeryn Lynne

Aeryn Lynne, The Geek

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Community support

Here are a few local projects that I’m eager to support all year long.

Help food get a second life with Second Harvest. Let’s not waste food that easily can go to those in need.
Send a well thought gift to a woman living in a shelter. Remind her that there is hope and respect, when she needs it most.
Sometimes, all a person needs to get their right foot onto the path of a promising career is proper business attire. Donate your gently used clothing to someone who needs a bit of help to a better future.
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Are you a blogger? Join my Blogger Tech Support community for free on Facebook! Learn of new plugin recommendations, as well as tips & tricks to simplify your blog work.

Teach your kids to code! No matter their career, they’ll likely need to know even the basics.

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