Calgary is breathtakingly geeky. A city that embraces a cosplay parade, and runs a four-day long STEM/STEAM party, is a city I want to visit often.

Here are quick links to all the fun available in Calgary to level up your nerd cred:


Fun Geek Nerd Things To Do Calgary




Escape Rooms

Want a different kind of adventure? Immerse yourself into a mystery (usually up to an hour), one that you’ll want to escape as soon as possible! These games are not easy, with an average completion rate of roughly 20% overall.

Vulcan Tourism & Trek Centre

Vulcan Tourism and Trek Centre

Live long, and prosper!  If you're in Calgary, spend half the day 1.5 hours just south of it in Vulcan, Alberta, you won't regret it! Thousands of Star Trek fans have made this pilgrimage over the years to enjoy all things Vulcan, and beyond. The tourism space-station/museum is filled with Star Trek memorabilia, photo opportunities, and a fantastic gift shop.

Vulcan Tourism and Trek Centre Enterprise Ship
Vulcan Tourism and Star Trek Centre Mr Spock bust


(coming soon)


Another Dimension Comics

424 B - 10th Street NW (Next to Sunnyside LRT stn)


4307 Macleod Trail SW

Comics, trades, manga, anime, toys and statues, TV themed merchandise.

Phoenix Comics

1010 16th Avenue NW

Specializes in trade paper back/graphic novels. If you can't find the book you're looking for, chances are they can order it for you!

Redd Skull Comics

720A Edmonton Trail NE


National on 10th

341 10th Avenue SW, Calgary AB

Incredible place for good beer, good food, and bowling! When I visited back in April 2017 during the Calgary Expo, we were treated to tater tots! Tater tot poutine that made me never want to leave the table, because OMGOSH so good! Paired with this epic Capt Electro's Root Beer, and a fun time was truly had that night.

There might be one thing better than poutine tater tots...  BOWLING. National on 10th's bowling alley is a trendy location. No faux-comfortable plastic chairs from typical alleys found here. Instead, your rump is treated to the soft cushioning of a comfortable couch.

Oh, and I won that night, heh!


625 11th Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2R 0E1
Come for the epic burgers (try the Space Case), but stay for the milk-shake based desserts that will stare back at you.  Making these delicious treats takes serious talent. Imagine puncturing a rice-cake with a straw! Some people do that every day, and they're my hero.

The Cheesy Burger & Heart Cookie (Smile!)

Geeky Food: REGRUB Cheesy Burger

Yellow Door Bistro

119 - 12 Avenue SW, Calgary AB

The death star breakfast is an annual event held during the Calgary Expo, and it's a delicious way to start your con mornings right!  There is a booth in this bistro that was also used in filming the TV series Fargo!


Hotel Arts

119 12 Ave SW, Calgary, AB

The boutique Hotel Arts is the place to be, especially when visiting Calgary for their annual comic & entertainment expo!

The Yellow Door Bistro with the Death Star waffle is attached, so you'll enjoy a great breakfast to start your nerd-journey.

If you've seen Fargo, think of that elevator scene, and then take a ride in that same box to your hotel room!


2018 Dates


Check out what to see and do for Beakerhead 2018!

POW! Parade of Wonders

The Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo
Calgary Stampede Park
1410 Olympic Way SE, Calgary, AB

Want to find more comic shows outside of Calgary? Check out The ComicPool for current listings across Canada!

This directory of all the fun & geeky ways to experience Calgary will grow when I've found more to share. Have a location you'd like me to include? Give me a shout!

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Fun Geeky Things To Do in Calgary

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