I’m doing this new trendy thing; trying to keep everything organized, including my blog work. Yes, there truly is such a concept! I was finding that I wasn’t really keeping my blog ideas and upcoming events ordered in such a way that I would actually remember to type up events, that interested me most, on time. For instance, up to this point, my weekly comic related posts were done the night before, simply ’cause the week kept catching up with me too soon. I’d be shocked when I’d finally realise there’s only 20 minutes left of Tuesday, so how quickly can I get a new comics release post up before I head to bed? And the same would happen with Facebook posts, I would want to schedule things ahead so that I don’t bombard my page with 10 items all at once (and then nothing at all for days,) so I needed to find something that would help me organize this stuff, in a timely manner.

‘Cause what we all need is more time, and apparently keeping organized gives you more time.

I can work with that math.

I couldn’t quite find exactly what I wanted online, so I built a few excel spreadsheets that are going to make blog and Facebook post planning much simpler, and better organized. And I think they work well enough to share them with you!

Meet my 3 new friends….

1. PR Campaign Manager

This file has a lot of features to keep track of all the campaigns you may run on your website, including:

  • PR Rep Contact Info
  • If a giveaway is involved, easily track prize(s) and winner(s) info
  • Payment: amount, net days, and whether it was received on time. Instead of sifting through multiple campaigns to see if you’re still waiting on payment after the agreed time, the tracker will highlight entries that are past due, so that you’ll know when its time to follow up.

PR Campaign Tracker

Interested in try out this worksheet for yourself? Receive the PR Campaign Manager Excel sheet for free by signing up to Geek with Style’s newsletter! (Signup form can be found in the sidebar -> ) EDIT: Doh! There was supposed to be a mention here that if you’re already a subscriber and want this workbook, just let me know and I’ll send you the file.

When you receive your subscription confirmation email, there will be a link to download as shown below.


2. Blog Ideas & Events Scheduler

As a blogger, you probably wind up with a ton of great ideas, and then promptly forget about them before you can start a draft. Use this ideas & events scheduler to keep up with all the craziness of 2015.

The first sheet of this workbook is a weekly theme calendar, which is editable for whatever themes you may need to be reminded of. For instance, I would add Comic Release day under the Wednesday column, and maybe think about starting up Tech Tuesdays again…  Since “Monday Blues” are not my thing, (well, at least not on my blog,) I would probably delete that one, and any others that don’t pertain to my blog’s niche. Bottom line is that its fully customizable to your weekly theme needs.weekly-blog-ideas-themes

The calendar, as shown below, is where you can add any upcoming events that you need reminding of, especially those moments that you might want to blog about. It’s also handy to list any campaigns that you have scheduled as a reminder of when they’re due.


And then finally, the Blog Ideas sheet where the weekly themes (Content Keywords) and Upcoming Events come into play, to hash out your blog idea journal; giving you ideas and reminders of what you might want to post about on the day initially entered. Entry rows highlighted in green are ones that were successfully published, and those highlighted in yellow are ones that are past due your intended post date (or the link for that post wasn’t copied into the sheet yet.) Those fulfilled rows that are still white are still editable before being published on your site (assuming you’ve chosen to schedule the post with the date indicated.)


3. Facebook Scheduled Posts Manager

Have you ever scheduled a bunch of posts on Facebook, only for them to inexplicably disappear an hour or a day later? Have you wanted to get a firm grip on your page without needing to continually check what you have scheduled to post and when?  Don’t get me wrong, Facebook’s scheduling tool is awesome, but it can also leave a lot of uncertainty if its the only tool in your box to keep the conversations going.  So here’s the Facebook Scheduled Posts Manager, ready to be your key to better scheduling.

Like the Blog Ideas & Events Scheduler above, this too has a weekly theme chart that is customizable any way you want. Use this chart to keep up with popular themes in your niche, which will become a helpful reminder on the Facebook Post sheet.



Unlike the Blog Ideas & Events Scheduler, you’re not actually meant to touch this Calendar sheet in any way. It’s an auto-generated statistical graph designed to give you an idea of how you’re interacting with your Facebook page. The colour codes (explained further in the FAQ section of the Excel workbook) help illustrate areas that might need improvement, or where you (if you pardon the pun,) excelled.Schedule-Posts-Colour-Codes

The main Facebook Posts chart is where all of your work occurs. Here is where you begin creating posts, with some aid for better scheduling management. Lines highlighted in blue for instance are entries that have the exact date and time, which means you won’t have to continually search that your entries don’t overlap. Rows highlighted in yellow are ones that have not been scheduled on Facebook yet based on the entry’s date/time and whether the entry has a Facebook link as proof of being scheduled.  The Facebook links are clickable so that once a task is labelled as “Complete” you can double check with Facebook that the post is exactly where you’ve scheduled it to be.Schedule-Posts-Entry-Examples

Cool, right? Of course, there is always room for improvement for these files. I haven’t yet determined the best way to include Facebook post reach results (or more importantly, what calculations to base reach standards on,) but its something I’m working on for the 2016 versions at the very least.

Think these tools are something you would be interested in as much as I was? You can purchase tools #2 and #3 (either separately or as a discounted bundle below, only through paypal,) to help you get better organized too!

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Purchase guarantee: These workbooks are in .xlsx format. Full refund available, if you do choose to buy one or both of these worksheets and they’re just not up to your standard. Don’t hesitate to contact me with your concerns!

Programming Excel worksheets used to be my day job years ago, and I’m just starting to get back into the love of functions once more. I have a few other helpful tools in the works, but I would love to know if there was anything specific you’ve been looking for. Let me know below if there is a workbook I should be working on next!