Enter the VOID at various locations across North America, including The Rec Room in downtown Toronto (just south of the Rogers Centre.) Walk through all four virtual reality games now available at the VOID, that will absolutely take your breath away, in joy, breathless wonder, and even in fear.

When The Rec Room first opened its doors in June, 2017, the VOID VR experience had one game available, Ghostbusters Dimensions.  I had the chance to go bust up some ghosts a couple of times during this launch. 

What makes these virtual reality (hyper-reality) games so incredible, is that it’s a fully immersive experience. 

You step into a virtual world the moment you place the goggles on over your head, but you’re not just left in your own head to play the game.

When Virtual Reality Feels Real

To complete each game, you’ll be walking around the virtual world, as if it truly exists. Witness not just sights and sounds designed in the VR display, but you’ll feel things too.

Well timed moments of heat, wind and slime are just some of the awe-worthy elements you’ll walk right into while exploring each game.

VR Science Fiction Games at The VOID, Rec Room Toronto
Let your imagination take off, step into a new world with VOID vr games at the Rec Room, Toronto.

If your game includes a chair, you will fully be able to go sit down in that chair in the real world. 

Going down within an elevator? Feel the vibrations under your feet.

Getting shot at? Feel every hit on your vest.

Four Virtual Reality Games Available Now at The Rec Room Toronto

While I found Ghostbuster Dimensions to be absolutely amazing, if trying to take down the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man isn’t your thing, one of these other three games should be right up your alley.

Star Wars Secrets of the Empire VOID Game in Toronto Rec Room

Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire

This could easily be my favourite game out of the four that are currently available. Ghostbusters Dimensions will always have a place near and dear to my heart, since it was the first “hyper-reality” experience I’ve ever encountered.

But Star Wars. Immersive Virtual Reality action gaming! *hearts eyes* emojis all over the place.

I won’t get into any spoiler-ish details of the game. But there was one specific moment that honestly took my breath away. The moment was so intense, the dramatic scene so immersive, I actually took a step backwards away from the oncoming action as if my brain was trying to tell me that what I was seeing was real and it would be a really smart move to run away now.

This vr game was largely developed with Star Wars’ Rogue One in mind, so if you loved that movie, you will have a literal blast in this game.

The fine details of this virtually mapped out hyper-reality will have you grinning like a loon, just for the ability to step into it.

Here’s a taste of what the Star Wars VR game looks like…

Ralph Breaks VR Game at the VOID in Rec Room Toronto

Ralph Breaks VR

After breaking the internet back in November, 2018 it just sounds logical that Ralph would find himself immersed in the VR landscape!

The VOID virtual reality games are available to children 10 and over, so this one is a great family game. 

Ralph wants to show you the BEST game on the internet and is all kinds of excited to give you the grand tour.

Just imagine how amazing it will truly be when “walking in the internet” is a natural thing. Until VR / AR becomes more stable as a household appliance, you’ll just have to see what Ralph has to offer.

When Jay and I played, we got to choose our own internet avatars out of six options.

I took number #3 and Jay was #2. Neither of us realised there were gaming tips on the back of the cards. Also hadn’t noticed how accurate our virtual selves were to our personalities, hah.

Please note: I am super duper sensitive to motion sickness with video games (I will get sick in under a minute of play with most games). While I didn’t feel at all uncomfortable with Ghostbusters, nor Star Wars, there was a moment when I felt like I could be ill in Ralph Breaks VR.

As motion sickness feelings go (if you’re susceptible, you’ll know how your triggers feel,) this one was a very mild sensation that I could pretty much ignore. It also didn’t occur throughout the whole game. There were only two separate and very brief instances where I felt my trigger warning start to ping.

In the end, I just needed to sit for a few minutes after the game to get my brain to stop feeling the slight wobble.

Our game attendant warned us to hold onto a wall should we start to feel dizzy during this one, so I think the cartoon aspect might just be a bit more intense than what you’ll find with Ghostbusters or Star Wars.

Creepy VR game Nicodemus at The Rec Room Toronto


Now this one… it’s not my thing. I will eat all the ghost “reality-tv” shows up with a spoon, and will always ask for more.

But this kind of creepy?

I can’t do it.

I mean… I’ll watch this trailer over and over again. But it would take a lot to get me to wilfully walk into a super creepy scenario like this.

Without doubt though, if you love to walk through scary houses, like the one you’ll find in Niagara Falls, you should definitely visit The Rec Room for the Nicodemus experience.

Ghostbusters Dimension VOID Toronto Shooting Gargoyles | Geek Life: Augmenting Reality

Ghostbusters Dimensions

Take note: this game is not available until next week, February 6th, 2018.

As I’ve mentioned before, I truly love this game. It’s one that I could play again and again, and never tire of it.

Read my full review on Ghostbusters Dimensions, and check out the tips and tricks of playing in a hyper-reality!


Check out the Rec Room Toronto website, for an up-to-date schedule.

Here’s what the schedule looks like for the week of January 28, 2019…

  • Monday, January 28 – Star Wars (open – close)
  • Tuesday, January 29- – Ralph Breaks VR (open – close)
  • Wednesday, January 30 – Ralph Breaks VR (open – 4 PM) | Nicodemus (5 PM – close)
  • Thursday, January 31 – Nicodemus (open – 4 PM) | Star Wars (5 PM – close)
  • Friday, February 1 – Star Wars (open – close)
  • Saturday, February 2 – Star Wars (open – 5 PM) | Ralph Breaks VR (6 PM – close)
  • Sunday, February 3 – Ralph Breaks VR (open – 4 PM) | Star Wars (5 PM – close)

The Rec Room Toronto

Never been to The Rec Room in Toronto before? It’s easy to get to!

Toronto Roundhouse
255 Bremner Blvd.
Toronto,ON M5V 3M9

Map to the Rec Room Toronto Downtown Roundhouse

Also, ticket prices have gone up since my last review. You’re now looking at about $40 per ticket!

Disclaimer: I’ve been invited to the Rec Room on numerous occasions, including during the launch of the Star Wars experience in November 2018. These experiences are provided for review purposes and do not effect the opinions expressed on Geek Life in any way.