I'm sure the countdown to the Samsung Galaxy Nexus Smartphone Launch has begun by now!

New smartphone launches are always exciting, 'cause developers are frequently pushed to the edge to create something extraordinary for the latest embodiment of communication devices. And as much as it pains me for how quickly a computer or TV can become “old tech” these days (*cough* only six months before potentially obsolete*cough*), these have nothing on the near non-existent shelf life of smartphones.

You can pretty much warrant that the moment you've purchased your phone, it’s outdated. There might not be any talk of an iPhone 5 outside of Apple, but I can guarantee you that there is at least one division in that company that has been discussing and developing this version for at least a year in the strong-hold known as Apple headquarters. In fact, it’s quite possible that the discussion aspect begun a few years back.

So in essence, we might be amazed of what we get to glimpse at smartphone product launches, but the most amazing part is what those companies already have in the works that is not yet available to public consumption.

It takes time to develop prototypes that eventually become bendable phones that you can roll around, and still manage to dial home with.

I think a common dream for tech journalists and bloggers alike would be the one where you win an all access day pass to any developer company of your choice, just because you’re the über-cool in the tech world! Woot! I love that dream! 😀

It would be like finding out that Oompa Loompas are real.If you’re not grasping the coolness factor involved, it would be like finding the golden wrapper to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory (of which is celebrating 40 years of chocolatey fun this year!)

If that dream became a reality, I'm not sure which company I'd want to see the classified files of the most. While Apple and Google are the largest giants currently playing in the tech world, there is an equally giant down sloped hill for them just ahead.

I would hate to work for either of these creative teams right now… I can only imagine the pressure they're in to keep these giants at the top (and it won't last forever.)

So I think I might be more inclined to visit a competitor’s secret lair of new tech development, as they have the drive and the want to beat out Apple and Google combined.

Such as Dell partnering up with Microsoft to build a competitive tablet for instance.

If the Toshiba Thrive doesn't come out to at least the top five in tablets for the gift giving season, their marketing team should rethink its strategy. It’s personally my #1 Tablet choice out there on the current market, and the only reason why it might not become numero uno is by the mass hoard of Apple followers that can't be swayed otherwise.

The other brands that the world should keep an eye on these days are Nokia, Sony, HTC, and possibly HP. HP had recently decided to get out of the hardware developing department and just focus on software and consulting, but ever since the influx of purchases from their $99/$150 tablet sales, someone somewhere in their decision making department is rethinking their attempt to bug-out completely. Their line of personal systems is remaining intact. And it’s possible that those of us that are using their WebOS beauties will be able to upgrade the OS in the near future.

What’s the point of all this? Well, I guess it’s a plea for y'all to expand your tech horizons. The most popular brands are not necessarily the best, they just happen to have a better marketing team.

This NaBloPoMo post was written on an HP Touchpad Tablet.