I'll admit, I'm a blogging junky. This particular blog might be new, but I've been hopping in and out of the blogging world for probably ten years now (one of my first blogs was put together while I attended Seneca College for web design, as a portfolio piece… and sadly, that party of my life was more than a decade ago.)

OMG, I'm old.

Today I spent most of the afternoon at my *nieces* baby-shower. I don't usually own up to the niece-aunty bit of our relationship 'cause she's only three years younger than I… so I think of her more as a cousin than anything, but I digress…

So, she's going to be a brand-spanking-new mommy in a month's time! *excited*

And I can totally see her as a successful (*gasp*, dare I say it?…) Mommy-Blogger. It would also be nice to have another blogger in the family (we need more, darn it!), but there was no way that I could tell her during her bb-party that I think she'd make a fantastic writer of her accounts on newbie parenting. And she wouldn't have to worry about design and blogging platform, 'cause I could totally help her out with that.


There were these “Advice for the new parents” cards, where anyone was welcome to (anonymously if they wish) give their key advice on how to take care of the baby once it's graciously presented itself to the world. (They're having a BOY, YAY!!) I could have anonymously written down, “You MUST blog, sweetie!!” But I have a feeling she'd know it was from me anyway.

And I'm pretty sure she'd get a kick out of it, while showing off the new little one to our family that lives overseas, and those towns that are too far to travel to frequently.

Some of my ShesConnected and Blissdom Canada buddies must be laughing their pants off at me right now, 'cause they *know* how much I love the term “Mommy-Blogger”.

Gosh, it gets me when I have to start a sentence with, “Honestly, I have nothing against Mommy-Bloggers, some of my closest and dearest friends are or have been a Mommy-Blogger at some point in their career…”, but what gets me even more than being tisked at for saying such things, is being recognised as a Mommy-Blogger, simply for being a woman who blogs.

And it doesn't just get my goat for myself and my fellow non-mommy bloggers out there as we have to face this question every time someone takes interest in our blogging hobby, but it also gets me for all the women out there who either, A) Blog about parenting, or B) Parents who also just happen to blog (about anything else other than their children.)

I saw roughly 50 women all sitting in a room today, and the ONE person who I felt would do great as a blogger was the one that I knew was just about to have a child.

I just did the one thing that ticks me off to no end. I zeroed in on a mommy, and thought, “Wow! She'd be a great blogger.”

I spoke with other brilliant women, some tearing through university, others just starting out their careers. These women too would be AMAZING bloggers. They're all entertaining in real life, so I know they'd be just as much fun online.

So where in the heck did this stereotype come from? How did we get to a point to believe that the only thing a woman would have time to blog about would be how she raises her kids?

And again, this isn't anything against those who do mommy-blog. I think you gals have the worst of the brunt, because of the rampant stereotype.

The Truth Is, Non-Mommy Bloggers are out there.

Wow. I totally did not mean to rant tonight. That kinda sorta came out from no where….