It’s not my very first WordPress plugin ever made (I’ve made four or five others over the past year,) but I’ve finally reached my goal for adding my first (and hopefully useful) plugin to’s repository, WOOT!

A fellow blogger was looking for a way to have Pinterest’s nopin=”nopin” code to work in her blog (to stop family photos from being pinned) and unfortunately WordPress does not recognize that particular code out of box.  Everytime it was added to a blog post image, WordPress would delete it, thinking it was unnecessary junk code.  I was asked to look into it, and happened to find a way to help by creating a plugin called Pinterest Repellent (I shouldn’t be left to name things, darn it!)

As far as plugins go, this one is extremely simple, but I was so happy to be able to contribute, even if it’ll only help one or two bloggers. 🙂

And while my other plugins were site-specific, this one could potentially help others in the WordPress community, so I applied to have it sit in the plugin database.  So shiny…. Plugin: Pinterest Repellent

So yeah, don’t mind me while I do a little dance for reaching this goal in my love and support for WordPress design, lol!

I’ve also heard recently that WordPress is turning 10 this month! WOW!  Are you going to celebrate WordPress’ birthday on May 27th?