It's not always easy calling long distance from a smartphone. Being the mini computers that they are, you'd may think otherwise, but unless you want to pay the exorbitant amount that the Big 3 phone companies in Canada charge, it is rather difficult to do.

Back in July, I had visited Salt Lake City for a convention, and I couldn't believe the massive difficulty I had just to call back home to talk to my DH and parents. I actually had to resort to using a pay-phone (do you remember what they look like??), and calling my DH through the 1-800# that his work place uses for when their employees are out of town.

There was one day all together that I couldn't reach any of my family because I didn't want to be spending $20 on a 5 minute phone call, and even simple text messages while roaming in the States up to Canada would cost a very pretty penny.

I'm not cheap. I am a bit frugal (there is a difference!), and I felt like my telecommunications company was keeping me hostage. It was like I had to pay a ransom, just to let my family, that was currently in a different time zone, know that I was okay and having fun!

So, thanks to my recent experience, I'm really excited to tell you about GL2GO!

GL2GO is a smartphone application that gives you the ability to call long distance if you have a BlackBerry or an iPhone. Unfortunately, we Android users do not have an app yet, but they're working on it!

It also works for all service providers (take THAT you big telecommeanie!)

This app features one-step calling, directly from your contact list, so you won't have to load the application every time to make long distance calls. It also has a call-back feature, so if the person you're calling has a great long distance plan themselves, GL2GO will set up the phone call so that the person you're call will be actually calling you!

Why would you want a call back feature though?

Well simply put, it wouldn't cost you a dime if the other person calls you. The only time you're charged for long distance through GL2GO is if you're the one who truly initiates the call (without using the call back feature.)

I also love the fact that on it's own, the minutes are rather cheap. My mother-in-law calls her family in India All-The-Time, and I know from experience that less than 2 cents a minute is an amazing deal.

All calls in North America are also less than 2 cents a minute, so my DH and I can call our cousins in the US with our smartphones.

Just imagine shopping for the gift-giving season, your snow-bird Grandma is coming up for a visit, and you have no idea what to get her! So call her while you're right at the store, start a convo of what you want to get for your mom this year and see if you can pick any clues for what Grandma might like too.

Here are the How To's to get you started on your iPhone or BlackBerry:

From the good folks at High Liner: “High Liner knows busy moms are always looking for ways to save money for their families and to connect more often with loved ones without the worry of 'what is this costing me?!'”

And I can agree with that sentiment. As my gift to my sister (and ultimately my parents too), I told her that I would cover her cell phone bill while she was four hours away studying at university. I've tried every trick in the book to save money on her bill, and yet she still finds ways of costing me an extra $20 on top of the regular bill at least 3 months out of every year. She was sneaky too! How was I supposed to know she'd want to go for her master’s degree? And she's also talking now about moving onto a PhD. *facepalm* God knows I love my lil' sister (who is now taller than me, tell me how that's fair?), but there I times I could send her to Alaska with a one-way ticket! 😉

So here's how you can try this awesome application for free! High Liner is offering 40 free GL2GO minutes on specially marked packages, and you can combine these codes for up to 200 free minutes of long distance calling that can be redeemed at

But that's not all! High Liner is also going to gift three of you a Free Product Coupon (FPC) for one of their specially marked products that contain the GL2GO long distance code! (The fine print magnified: The ‘Up to 200 Free Minutes’ is a limited time offer to be found inside participating High Liner products until Feb. 2012. All calls must be completed by Jan. 31, 2013.)

… Woot!

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