Using a desktop PC to research your next vacation!Using a Dell (or any PC computer really) to plan a vacation won't ever provide all of the information you may need, but it sure does comes close. With the internet, it's so easy to find great deals on trips to anywhere in the world, it just takes patience and time.

However, the best part about the internet is the amount of information that you can find on any given destination, for instance….

  • – The Disney parks are some of the most popular destinations in the world. Not only does each park have its own web site under Disney.go, there are several fan sites that keep people up to date about what is going on in the park. Mouse Planet offers weekly park updates as well as hints from veteran park goers about how to get the most out of a trip and what sites are must GO.
  • – Going to Europe for the first time may seem intimidating, but author and TV Personality Rick Steves has you covered. Rick goes to Europe every year trying to find the best places to travel and Europe’s best kept secrets. Best of all, he travels as an average American and doesn’t speak any foreign languages. Rick knows that visiting a place is good, but visiting a place and knowing about its history makes the trip unforgettable.
  • – For those who are looking to luxuriate during their vacation, going on a cruise cannot be beat. The food is awesome, the destinations are paradisaical and the service is exemplary. Nothing beats a cruise for comfort, fun and relaxation. It’s like a seven day spa experience with better food.
  • – If you are looking for a real adventure kind of vacation, Dragoman offers some real doozies, and they rate them according to difficulty. The best thing about Dragoman is that they offer these adventure trips at a relatively low price and with a little more safety than completing the same experience alone. Which is awesome for beginners of any type of new adventure!
  • – For others, a service vacation cannot be beat. Volunteering to help an organization with an orphanage in South America or Africa allows the vacationer to experience a different culture and way of life while using his or her time to make a difference in the world. It offers the hardcore experience of a Dragoman adventure with the softening experience that comes from providing compassionate service.

Also don't forget that traveling out of the country requires a valid passport, and if you need one, you can research and print the necessary forms online, woot! To save on fees and to be sure to get the passport in time, it's important to apply for it about three months in advance (so don't do what I did, which was apply only ten days before my scheduled trip!) This way, if there are any problems, they can be taken care of without causing undo stress about having to cancel the vacation or to pay more than is expected for a passport.

You can pay extra to get your passport earlier (for me it was an extra $10) to get it anywhere from 10 days to 24 hours from when you apply.

And hey, if all else fails, you could always use your desktop to purchase a book about any travel destination you could think of! So really, no matter at what stage you're at to following your vacation dreams, online research can help you so much!

This post was contribute by Sam Peters who writes about the benefits of using Dell Computers.