So, if you’re in the Canadian blog-o-sphere, you may have heard that this week is Conference week for a lot of us.  There’s Sheblogs Canada LINK2013 for the next couple of days, followed by Blissdom Canada for the rest of the week!  Below is a picture of the decals that I have on the wall just behind the head of my bed.  Every morning and every night, I’m reminded to “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.” which are wise words by Henry David Thoreau.

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. ~ Henry David Thoreau

Its not a “new” quote by any means.  Its one that I’ve found on three different coffee mugs in a matter of a few years, lol.  But, its a quote that I will cherish and abide by for as long as its stuck on my bedroom wall.  Its these words that remind me to be strong when taking a big risk on a new business, like blogging.  Being a career blogger has been a life-long dream, even when I couldn’t even fathom what the words “blog” and “blogging” meant.  At seven, ten, even at 16 years of age, blogging wasn’t a thing, but I knew back then that for my life’s work, I wanted to help, I wanted to travel, and I wanted to work with tech in some way.

I flipped through so many different career choices my entire life.  At six, I distinctly remember telling my mother while she drove us home in her blue station wagon that I wanted to be an astronaut.  It was perhaps when I was 11 that I wanted to be a “barrister and solicitor” (because I couldn’t be bothered to simply say lawyer back then, lol.)  During my last year of high school, I was adamant that I wanted to work in the travel industry; I wanted to build my own international hotel chain, simply because I love travel and partly because of the chance to live elsewhere, even for the shortest of stays. It was the last couple of months of HS, where I was tempted to join the air force, because I really love the idea of flying and mach 1. But as we got closer to graduation, I applied to college for nursing and university as an “undecided” major; imagining myself becoming a historian at some point, or even a teacher.  I did computer science for all of one semester, though it was quickly evident that this course wasn’t for me, as I couldn’t see where the knowledge I gained would lead me.  As much as I love technology, I didn’t want to build it.

Looking back at it all now, even if its not readily apparent, all of those careers above had at least one of my three standards for a happy career: helpful, well traveled, and infused with tech.

Career wise, I’ve been lost for a very long time, but I’ve found my home in blogging.  Blogging has let me help others in tech and fashion decisions, its helped me travel, and its helped me find an amazing group of like-minded individuals who love to blog too.

This week, I’ll get to see all of those awesome people, some for the very first time in person, and I truly can’t wait.  This week couldn’t have come soon enough, and I am so very grateful for having the chance to travel and interact with some of our favourite bloggers in Canada.

I’ll get to hang out with my good friends and roomies, Katie of and Deanna of Those are just two of dozens and dozens of women that I cannot wait to catch up with this week.  In fact, the conferences haven’t even begun yet and there’s already potentially not enough time to see everyone!

So this week I will remember to go confidently into every conference room and round table, and I’ll be strong as I break the ice with a, “Hi!” to the fellow content writers and influencers as I sit beside them to learn, or to break bread. This week is going to be full of squeels and laughter and even a bit of sweat as I prep to speak on a panel about Brand Safety this Tuesday (eep!)

This week is going to be FUN!