Addition Elle has some fabulous items for the 2013 fall season, I can’t tell you how exciting it is to step into a store filled with a lot more current trends then ever before.  I can dress glam one day, and country-rocker chic the next! Gotta love the chance for choice!

Addition Elle was very kind to sponsor a few key items for my ensemble at both LINK2013 and Blissdom Canada conference this year and I can’t wait to show off these fabulous pieces.

Those gals who went to the CityLine taping with Tracy Moore last week (airs this Wednesday!) got to see my favourite William Rast leather jacket, as I couldn’t resist wearing it the moment I took it home.  Its just one of many items that were simply ‘got-to-have-now’ items that I picked up on my last trip to Addition Elle.

Here’s a look at my faves!  I realised after I put the lookbook together, that most items are black, lol.  I guess its the season to go dark!

[showbiz aefall2013]

Check out Addition Elle for more amazing items for Fall 2013, and tell me what’s your fave for the season!