Why hello there, Friday! I think you might just be one of my favourite days in the Daily Special roulette. *squishes Friday to bits*

The holiday season is here, which means those multitude of parties are upon us as well!

And for the first time ever, I'm kinda excited about what I am going to wear. Don't get me wrong, I haven't lost a size or two. I've been steadily my size for well over a year, and it's just nice to take a break from yo-yoing up and down on the scale and in the wardrobe.

Since I've started this need for better fashion choices, my eyes have been opened to the wonders of plus-size fashion in ways I honestly never dreamt. It would be great to just head to Eaton Centre to have my fill, but unless I'm under a 14, that's just not gonna happen (ever notice that there's a Laura and Laura Petite, but the Laura Plus branch is mysteriously missing at that mall?)

I feel like putting a disclaimer right here, stating that I do shop locally whenever I can, even took the pledge to do so, which I uphold to the best of my ability.

But you see, here's the thing.

Plus size clothing isn't easily shopped locally. Even if I wanted to consider downtown Toronto local (which it isn't, but I can get there by subway!), I have only a few choices that don't leave me looking like my Grandmother's sister.

I've found one store that's not an Addition Elle/Penningtons (these two stores are both owned by RW/Reitmans, did ya know?), and I feel so bad for not taking a look yet! From what I've seen online and at the recent fashion show, their collections look awesome. The owner even has Monif C in stock! Like, can I get a Woot-Woot!?

It's just not part of my regular route to travel in Toronto, so it's been harder than I expected to just drop by. :/

So, Gussied Up has some pretty dresses, and I'm thinking now is the time to take a look and find something pretty that's just my size!

I'm actually a little disappointed with Addition Elle's choice for dresses right now. They're ALL black! At least with the ones found online.

I haven't had a chance to check out their store lately in person either, so this laziness in fashion is not just for Gussied Up, I'm well rounded in lazy these days (it coincides with how cold it gets outside.)

Then there are some very pretty things I've recently found online from outside of Canada.

I mean, LOOK AT THIS DRESS! (and the shoes!)

The awesome part is that City Chic ships internationally for free! I could pick up a twenty dollar shirt from Australia and not have to worry about adding an extra twenty for it to be shipped. I'm not sure how the border would handle, but to be honest, the only times I have issues with stuff coming from outside of Canada is when the box has to cross the Canada/US border. I've had items come in from Hong Kong without having to deal with any other fees. *shrugs*

Anyway, it's time to search out dressy stuff, so wish me luck! 🙂

EDIT: So yeah, this didn't post yesterday like it should of. Oops!