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Aeryn Lynne

Woot!! Recipes = YUM! I like YUM, so I'm thinking I'll begin liking Sundays too.

For todays recipe, I'm gonna let you in on a little secret. You can make TONS of awesome meals and desserts with Pillsbury® Crescent Rolls. One of the top requested breakfasts I make are my Bacon N' Egg Pockets, which are easy to prepare and just as YUMMY to eat.

Today's recipe though, is for a dessert that also uses Pillsbury® Crescent Rolls...

Apple-Fig-Havarti Sorta Danish-Turnover Thingies

Ingredients: 1 can of Pillsbury® Crescent Rolls, 1 Apple, 8 slices of cheese (I used havarti, you can also use Mozerrella, or Cream Cheese), and Bonne Maman Fig Jam

Optional Ingredients: Cinnamon or All Spice (sprinkled within), Icing Sugar (sprinkled on top)

Set the oven to 375⁰. Pull all eight dough triangles apart, and layer the three ingredients on top.

Wrap the dough around the ingredients. It's easiest to lift the dough et al. into the palm of your hand to seal sides.

Bake for roughly 12 to 14 minutes. NB - I used a pizza pan, as I always do when working with this dough, but the cheese melted as it should, and leaked to the base of my oven. Next time I'll have a secondary pan beneath to catch cheese drippings. I find that this dough rises better if there are "air pockets" available on the underside of the cooking pan, like the holes found on this pizza pan.


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