It's times like these that I wish scratch n' sniff monitors were available already, 'cause I have a multitude of YUMMY scents that you should totally be smelling right now.

But I'll get back to that in a minute…

You know The Body Shop right?

I have to admit. Perhaps it's because I LOVED this store while I was a teenager, I felt for a very long time that I had to “grow out” of shopping there. Like at the near-age of 32, I was too old for their products.

I was an avid fan of their Original Vanilla scent when I was going to high school. Part of that love was because I got a kick out of smelling like Rice Krispie Squares; and the other part was that it always made the boys hungry… for food!

Hey! I never said I didn't like power, lol. 😉

Anyway, I'm not entirely sure why I came to the conclusion that The Body Shop was for teenagers, but I'm SO GLAD I was able to change my mind over how awesome this store is for any age.

Part of the change of mind occurred at an Addition Elle event a few months ago, where we were able to get our makeup touched-up by professionals using The Body Shop line. Though in my case, it was a complete make-over, since I wasn't wearing any to begin with.

I have to tell you, it was the ONLY time I've been satisfied with someone else making my face.

I have a bit a of fear of “touch-up” fun after some incredibly disastrous attempts, and to be honest, the only reason why I tried it at Addition Elle was because I had to kill some time.

mimi | Geek Life: Augmenting RealityI think it was the third year of LifeFest, where a makeup artist, on behalf of Life Brand, made me look like Mimi from the Drew Carey Show. Except she used green instead of blue.

I might have been able to pull the look off if the gal used blue. Instead, I said thanks for the work, crossing my fingers that my complete mortification did not show in any way as I gave my praise while getting out of that chair ASAP (I didn't want her to try to “fix” it, you see,) and I quickly walked the less trafficed route directly to the public washroom to remove the horrific clown from my face.

And then there was the makeup job for my wedding. Again, the job just did not suit me. The colours were closer to what I prefer, but the girl made it look like I had dark circles ABOVE my eyes… and that was about it. Total YUCK.

At that point I was beginning to think I didn't have a face for makeup.

But the gal working for The Body Shop totally made me look Rockin'. I felt like I was twenty again. I headed out of Addition Elle not long after the makeup session, and two very adorable guys kindly showed their appreciation for the new look right out of the blue.

I was ready for 15 minutes of fame right then and there, lol.

So I found a love for The Body Shop's line of makeup – but I wasn't the only one.

For YEARS my DH would keep telling me that he loved my Au Naturel look best. He was never fond of the stuff that would make me look shiny in the worst possible way, or dry out my skin, or the shadows that would crease after only a couple hours of wear.

But since I've started wearing The Body Shop's line, particularly the eyeshadow, I have not heard a single “Au Naturel” reminder since, lol.

He likes this makeup just as much as I, and he's the one that has to see it often, right?

silver black eyeshadow | Geek Life: Augmenting RealityI cannot wait until DH's work Xmas party on the 17th at the Yonge/Bloor Marriot! I am pulling out this baby and making a splash.

4-Step Smoky Eyes Palette – Silver Black

“Create the perfect smoky eye with this kit. It includes a palette of four eyeshadows in matte black, satin grey, a pearlescent white and silver. It also includes a mini Eye Definer and mini Eyeshadow Brush.”

It's currently on sale for only $19.60 for the whole kit, and if you have The Body Shop's membership card then you can get another $1.90 off!

Now back to the YUMMY scents!!

Every holiday season, The Body shop has some special scents available for a limited time only. This year they've brought back Cranberry Joy (always a fan favourite with my sis and I!), and Spiced Vanilla, but they've got the new Candied Ginger scent to enjoy as well. And boy have I been enjoying it!

I literally had to stop typing for a moment to go smell each scent from the Shower Gels I have in each flavour.

showergels | Geek Life: Augmenting RealityIf you're looking for stocking stuffers, the shower gels are a great place to start for any girl on your list (including you!) The light-weight gel doesn't have an overpowering smell, just a nice tingle to help you wake up with a fresh scent. And it never feels like a residue is left on your skin from the shower. I don't know about you, but there are many soaps and gels out there that make me feel uncomfortable afterwards, like my skin is tightening in a not-good way. And they seem impossible to wash off too for whatever reason.

Anyway, you really should take a look at their site before the weekend is out, 'cause they have a fantastic sale going on that would make gift giving easier on your wallet this year.

And check out their Holiday Guide if you need suggestions of what to get for everyone on your list! Guys too!

hemp foot hand body trio z | Geek Life: Augmenting Reality It being my Birthday month, I get $10 off any purchase with my membership card. I'm kinda thinking I'll pick up the Hemp Foot, Hand & Body Trio for my guy. But, shhh! It's a secret! 😉

Would I go back to using Vanilla perfume though? It's truly an incredible scent, but I think I'll leave that behind to my highschool self. I have had the pleasure of wafting the White Musk® Libertine Eau de Toilette (and there's a body gel too, woot!) and I think I just might start using it at my “grown up” scent! 🙂

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