Found a Plus-Sized Fashion Forward Store to Check Out in TO!

by Aeryn Lynne

If nothing else happened with this blog, I love the fact that I'm find amazing places to shop right in Toronto for plus sized fashion.

I've just discovered a store called The Answer (from a website that caters to plus sized fashion in the UK.)

How I never heard of this store, particularly from a more local front, like… even, is beyond me.

I'm hoping to check out this store tomorrow in my quest for the perfect dress for DH's company Christmas party, but there's one thing that's making me wary at the moment… you see, there are a number of samples from various collections available at The Answer to view online, but… only half of the women in those samples are plus-sized in stature.

If this woman has been told she's a plus sized model, there is seriously, well and truly something wrong in this world:

And how about this one?


I only look that small if I'm in front of a fun-house mirror.

I'm not going to let these pics stop me from checking out this store, but I have to say I'm “on guard”. I'd like to hope this is a great haven for plus-sized wear, and the front page states they've catered to curvy women for 25 years, so I'd like to meet a company that has experience.

We'll just see, I guess.

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Aeryn Lynne

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Aeryn Lynne

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