I've tried NaNoWriMo for a couple of years… I think roughly from years 2002 to 2005, though I never completed the 50,000 word challenge. And wasn't like I was hurting for ideas to “bash” out on my computer or anything, 'cause I do enjoy making up stories… mostly fantasy/sci-fi in nature, which you'd think would be the easiest to write, since you could make so much stuff up, but it really is hard to do.

And I had the basic formula of how many words to write in a day too, which I believe was roughly 1675 a day to make it over the 50,000 mark by November 30th.

But alas, it just wasn't meant to be… yet.

I'm hoping with all hope that I'll complete the NaBloPoMo challenge though, 'cause at least from what I understand, there isn't a word count for that one.

I could hit submit right now, and be done with it for today's entry. Easy? Totally.

11:17PM ~ I have 43 minutes to complete this blog post to secure one more day to victory. Which is tough, 'cause I usually take about two hours to fully prepare an article from start to finish. If you've never blogged before, well… 1) you should, and 2) there is a lot more to writing a post than just bashing out words on a keyboard.

Blog posts can be like mini stories. You can have the Beginning, the Action, and the perpetual rise in Action that takes you to the Climax, then everything is downhill, until you reach the Resolution. Sounding familiar? We learned that outline in what… Grade 7?

Or they can be like snippets of conversation, similar to what you'd discuss amongst friends while coffee… or something a bit stronger, flowethed freely.

In any case, blogging can be fun for everyone, and challenging, but as long as you have the right platform to work on, you should be good to go.

And by platform, I'm talking about online programs such as Blogger which is the most easiest platform to blog on out there (15 minutes of prep gets you online with your brand spanking new blog, so you should check it out,) to ones that require a bit of HTML know-how, such as WordPress and Drupal, which requires a lot of HTML know-how to maintain such a site.

11:35PM ~ Eeeek!

11:41PM ~ OMG omg….

If you haven't figured out yet, today I've had major writer's block, which might have been why I've never completed a NaNoWriMo challenge right to the end. I've always been able to picture the last few moments of any story I wanted to write out, or sometimes I'd have the opening lines shining in my story journal like a bright beacon, but the middle…

The middle has always thrown me for a loop. It's that Rising action that always has me stalling to get a story out for public consumption.

I've written a lot about post-apocalypses, though I never could understand why. Sometimes they dealt with Norse mythology, other times it was zombies, there was even one that was based on a regiment of Canadian Corps just after they took hold of Passchendaele. That last one still remains in a special place of my writer's heart, where I still hold hope to share with the world some day.

11:49PM ~ Gulp

Well, I'm going to end my blog post here… 'cause I still need to proof-read (the ironic bit was that I mispelled “proof-read”.) And am hoping that the blockage will clear way for tomorrow's entry! 🙂

Have a g'night, and will see ya here again in twelve hours or so.