William Rast and Other Exciting News for Fall 2013 at Addition Elle

by Aeryn Lynne

Very recently I got a chance to check out what we'll be looking forward to for Fall 2013 at Addition Elle.  I gotta tell you, I can't wait for fall!  I know.  Summer hasn't even stepped at our front door yet, and I'm already looking forward to orange leaves in the trees.

But I'm also looking forward to these....

Addition Elle Fall 2013: Brown Boots

Look how epically wide-calf these boots are!  And they're not black, which is awesome, 'cause that was the only colour choice we were given last year through Addition Elle.

What I'm really excited about is the fact that the William Rast designer label (named after co-founder Justin Timberlake's grandfather,) is going plus size!!  Booyah!  I really admire the style behind this label, as its a little bit country and a little bit rock n' roll, which is my life.  I'll finally, well and truly, be able to show off a little bit of "me" through the clothes I wear.

For instance, this baby?  It will so be mine!

William Rast Jacket

I have so much love for every single stitch in this jacket, I just cannot wait to have it.  Imaging pairing this dream up with either a pair of William Rast jeans, or even another label, like: Suko, Silver, Foxy Jeans, DKNY, or even Levi's or Buffalo is no longer a distant, years-in-the-future dream. It's only months away.  Canadian plus size/curvy fashionistas, we can rejoice in designer label choice! 😀

And how about this cute shirt, also from the William Rast label?  The way the fabric on this shirt flows will make this one of my comfy go-to's.

William Rast Skull Shirt Fall 2013 at Addition Elle

Also the print is kinda edgy with the who skull made of flowers thing, so it will a nice change from pastels, animal prints and nautical wear of Spring/Summer 2013.

Another style to look forward to is fabric blocking/fusion. You can see the skirt in the background of the above picture having a cotton/faux leather block which is all kinds of awesome.  And I have to say, this shirt is just perfect.

Material blocking at Addition Elle for Fall 2013

This mix of fabrics will be huge come fall, and Addition Elle is ready to give us the trends we want!

If you haven't figured out I am SO excited over this!  But if you haven't seen enough yet, here are some more samples to look forward to!

[imagetab width="550" height="734"] https://s3.amazonaws.com/blogreviewing/addition-elle/addition-elle-fall-2013-preview.jpg [/imagetab]
[imagetab width="550" height="734"] https://s3.amazonaws.com/blogreviewing/addition-elle/addition-elle-fall-2013-rock-edge.jpg [/imagetab]
[imagetab width="550" height="734"] https://s3.amazonaws.com/blogreviewing/addition-elle/addition-elle-fall-2013-studded-jacket.jpg [/imagetab]
[imagetab width="550" height="734"] https://s3.amazonaws.com/blogreviewing/addition-elle/addition-elle-fall-2013-brown-boots-2.jpg [/imagetab]
[imagetab width="550" height="734"] https://s3.amazonaws.com/blogreviewing/addition-elle/addition-elle-fall-2013-material-blocking-ensemble.jpg [/imagetab]
[imagetab width="550" height="734"] https://s3.amazonaws.com/blogreviewing/addition-elle/william-rast-fall-2013-jeans-plus-size.jpg [/imagetab]
[imagetab width="550" height="734"] https://s3.amazonaws.com/blogreviewing/addition-elle/addition-elle-fall-2013-material-blocking-jacket.jpg [/imagetab]
[imagetab width="550" height="734"] https://s3.amazonaws.com/blogreviewing/addition-elle/addition-elle-fall-2013-over-shirt.jpg [/imagetab]
[imagetab width="550" height="734"] https://s3.amazonaws.com/blogreviewing/addition-elle/addition-elle-fall-2013-studded-boots.jpg [/imagetab]
[imagetab width="550" height="734"] https://s3.amazonaws.com/blogreviewing/addition-elle/addition-elle-fall-2013-silver-jean-jacket.jpg [/imagetab]
[imagetab width="550" height="734"] https://s3.amazonaws.com/blogreviewing/addition-elle/addition-elle-fall-2013-wild-jacket.jpg [/imagetab]
[imagetab width="550" height="734"] https://s3.amazonaws.com/blogreviewing/addition-elle/addition-elle-fall-2013-paisely-pjs.jpg [/imagetab]

Have you been following fall fashion trends?  What are you looking forward to the most?

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