Welcome to the Michel Studio collection exclusive to Addition Elle

Welcome to the Michel Studio collection exclusive to Addition Elle and what I’ll most likely be wearing to the She’s Connected Conference!

Tomorrow morning right at 8AM sharp, the doors of the Addition Elle store at Yonge and Temperance in downtown Toronto will be opening to let in some very enthusiastic plus-sized fashionistas. We’ll be treated to an early-bird breakfast, prizes, goodie bags and 20% off our entire purchase!

Hello 20% Off. I heart you!

A little bit of background as to why I’m SO EXCITED:
If you’re plus sized, there are slim pickings for fashionable wear. And that pun was SO intended.

Addition Elle was the only store to rely on for smart looking clothing, even up to four or five years ago. Today, I can still count all the stores that cater solely to the plus-sized in Toronto on one hand. It’s disconcerting. (And it was really depressing growing up with only the local Zellers as the place I could shop for +14 sized clothing. Especially since their options consisted mostly of either bright purple flowers the size of your hand, or itty bitty bright red rosebud patterns that covered the entire white long-sleeved shirt, alarmingly like the pattern on your grandma’s sofa back in the 1980s. Luckily the grandma’s sofa of today is now more modern – as NO ONE likes those itty bitty rosebuds on white. What was grandma thinking back then? Honestly?

Ahem. So I might have a few issues on what passed as “fashion” back then.)

So anyway. Addition Elle? My hero.

This is what their “About Us” page has to say:

“ADDITION ELLE’s mission is to celebrate the confidence, personal style and femininity of its plus-size shoppers with an exciting array of affordable and versatile career and casual fashions featured in its 123 stores across Canada.”


Now back to the new Michel Studio collection that is touted to “Make the Work Week More Beautiful “.

I got a chance to speak (email) with a few lovely ladies behind the Creative and Marketing departments of Addition Elle, including Roslyn and Nancy.

These two wonderful humans sent me some gorgeous pics to share with you (stop reading and google) as well as answer a few questions I had about this new collection, such as…

  • Michel Studio itself is a private brand exclusive to Addition Elle, and this new collection is only available to 46 stores across the country!
  • There are 11 pieces to this capsule collection of polished work wear.
  • “The collection is grey, black and white which are neutrals which add to the versatility and the ability to mix and match every piece. The foundation makes it perfect to add color if she so wishes and we have wonderful items in Addition Elle career section to compliment the collection.” Roslyn
  • And quite possibly my favourite part: this collection includes a technological innovation known as “Secret Shaper” which is designed to “lose an inch” amongst the skirts, pants, and dresses.

You might have an idea now why I can’t wait for tomorrow morning! It’s a bit like Christmas. 😀

Michel Studio always has gorgeous pieces to add to your closet. Go check out the latest trends now!

addition elle michel studio collection

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3 Comments on “Welcome to the Michel Studio collection exclusive to Addition Elle

March 10, 2016 at 8:50 am

Just found out about the comfort and fit of Michel Studio collection. There Petite Curvy Boot Cut pants fit off the rack. No need for alterations. Happy Dance.

Aeryn Lynne
May 24, 2016 at 12:32 pm

YAY! 🙂 It’s been roughly five years since I wrote this post, and I’ve yet to find a piece from the Michel Studio collection that doesn’t just fit so nicely. <3

Céline Lacharité
October 15, 2016 at 5:09 pm

Un gros merci au créateur de cette ligne de vêtement. Se sentir belle même si on ne fait pas la taille 10, tout est possible avec vos beaux vêtements. Les tissus sont chatoyants, les coupes avantageuses que demander de plus. Je suis tellement fière de porter vos vêtements et quand mes collègues me demandent coup donc tu t’habilles où, là où vous n’irez pas pcq c’est des vêtements taille plus. Donc, je fais ma fraîche, je me sens belle et j’ose les couleurs. Les petits détails de vos vêtements font que ceux-ci se démarquent des autres.
Merci beaucoup pour votre super travail. Longue vie à votre équipe. Ce soir j’ai une sortie et ce que je porterai va m’attirer beaucoup de beaux compliments et c’est grâce à vous.


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