So if you follow my twitter account, you KNOW that I’m going to #SCCTO. You’d know this, ’cause I talk about it often.

What is #SCCTO though?

It’s the twitter hashtag for “She’s Connected Conference in Toronto” that is run by, and sports a pretty tag line: “Connecting Influential Digital Women & Brands”

Which pretty much sums up what will happen during this two day conference. The agenda looks amazing, including panels such as “What brands want from bloggers and digital women” and the “Ten Rules of the Road: putting it all together”.

But what I really can’t wait for is meeting people that I randomly chat with on Twitter. Twitter is an awesome community filled with “normal folk”, community organizations, fortune 500 companies, celebrities, charities, etc, and we’re all expected to get along and just chat the day away from all corners of the globe. That very concept will be Twitter’s legacy: bringing people (from the everyday joe to A-rating celebs,) corporations, and everything in between and find them working closely together on a broadcasting platform that would not work in any other capacity. It’s also turned a number of “everyday joes” into celebs, but that’s for a different thesis altogether.

Anyway, as a geek, it’s a mecca that I will always cherish.

If you want to follow a really fast twitter convo, join one of #SCCTO’s twitter parties. I think it might have helped me learn how to speed read.

It was one of these twitter parties that I won a chance to go to the She’s Connected Conference that’s running from September 29th to 30th, and now I’ve got to prepare!

Fellow conference goers are already tweeting about what they’re going to wear, the biz cards they’ll bring, etc, and I’m still flying on cloud nine just for the fact that I get to go, lol.

A few days ago, while picking up my mail, I was pondering the popular #SCCTO question: What am I going to wear??

And funnily enough, the answer may just have came from my mail.

While going through the bills and coupon envelopes, I found an invitation to an Addition Elle launch party (this Saturday), for the Michel Studio line. It came with a catalogue, and the new Michel Studio line is gorgeous! I’m hoping to find some pics of the ensembles to post before the event to show you just how awesome this line is, so stay tuned.

I might be putting my eggs all into one shopping bag (really, who uses baskets anymore?), but I believe I found an outfit or two to wear that weekend! YAY! *keeping fingers crossed*

Plus, hello! Launch party! I’ve been to a few of these for Addition Elle any they’re always a blast! This one boasts an “early-bird breakfast”, which I can’t wait to see, simply because food and clothing don’t mix easily.

And how can I say “No” to the invites bold 20% off my entire purchase bonus? 😉