What Were You Doing at 8AM Last Saturday Morning?

by Aeryn Lynne

Usually the answer to that question abovewould be: snoring, but this past Saturday had me awake by 6:30AM (I didn't realise 6:30AM existed on Saturday mornings!!), so that I could be first in line at Addition Elle's Launch Party for the new Michel Studio collection.

I've been to a couple of parties hosted by Addition Elle in the past, so I was kinda surprised when I did actually manage to be first in line. All previous attempts usually left me at #24, which meant I had just missed out on a $25 gift card to go towards my purchase that day (as they go out to first 20 people.)

I stood in line for about 15 minutes before anyone else showed up to join me in the wait, so that was fifteen minutes of fretting that maybe I had the wrong date, time and/or location, 'cause it was less than an hour before the doors were to open. And that would have been amusing... to somebody.

I think eight of us showed up before the doors opened right at 8AM on the dot, which just goes to show that timing is everything. Apparently most Fashionistas like to sleep in (like me!), but lack of sleep wasn't going to stop me from picking up the two outfits that I'm going to wear for the She's Connected Conference.

I had a LOT of help from Crystal, an inspiring woman from the Yonge & Temperance sales team, in choosing what to go home with. We commiserated over the lack of coffee on top of the lack of sleep, since the Timmies just down the street wasn't open before I stood in line for AE. Though the goodie bag did include a free coffee from McDonald's for an after-shopping treat, so thank you for that Addition Elle! 😉

I needed to find two outfits that said, "All Biz, but also, All Fun" and I think I found them! 😀

So which outfits did I choose from the Michel Studio collection?

Was it my pre-event pick? Or something else altogether?

Well, I'm not gonna tell you! :p

In fact, I might just turn this into a contest, so stay tuned!

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