You may know by now that I’m not the biggest fan of online clothes shopping.  I like to be able to try on clothes before purchasing them so that I can get a feel for the quality in make and the fabric used, and simply, figure out if it looks as good on me as it looked in the magazine.  That said, I do shop online quite a bit, mostly on sites that don’t have a local store for me to visit in person, and I have one necessary “tool” that I keep by my computer at all times: a body measurements chart.

If you shop online for clothes, regardless of body type, you really need to keep your sizing measurements handy to get the right fit, each and every time you make a purchase.  What’s one store’s size L could be another store’s size M or XL, so by having your measurements available, you’ll limit the need to return clothes simply because they didn’t fit properly!  With that type of guesswork out of the way, you can then spend your time determining if you look better in floral or leopard prints instead. 😉

I’ve done the hard bit for you, by finding the most used measurements required for online size-chart comparisons (every site you purchase clothes from should have a size chart for you to compare your numbers with,) and have created a one page double-sided printable for you to jot your inches down.  Now all you have to do is print both sides onto a page to create a folded card (so that your measurements aren’t laying about for anyone to see,) find your measuring tape, and enter the number of inches into each corresponding box in the chart. 

I can tell you from experience that finding the correct measurements is much easier if you find a friend to help you out, but its not too difficult to do so on your own if you prefer.

Download Online Shopping Measuring Chart PDF to print.

If you have any Qs, please don’t hesitate to ask below! 🙂

Happy shopping!