One of the new lines that I was excitedly waiting for, over the summer months, was this rocking line from Penningtons: mblm (pronounced emblem).  Particularly for an amazing pair of heels that I’ve gone as far as to fantasize wearing them; they’re just that special.

I even accidentally went to a Penningtons a week before the launch, because I got the dates mixed up in all my excited enthusiasm to see this label in stores.  My want for that line was that bad, it was like waiting for christmas, lol.

This is the shoe of my dreams, literally.

mblm Open Toed Heel - so much love!!

Do you see why I love them so much?  They’re just so pretty!  And when I tried them on yesterday, I could have cried, because Penningtons doesn’t sell half sizes in their shoe.  If I want my feet to look gorgeous in these shoes I would need a 9 1/2, and the 10s were just too big to upsize.  It was a weird fit for me too, ’cause a 9 fit perfectly for my right foot and I couldn’t get the shoe to fit, like… at all, on the left. I know our feet are different sizes, but I didn’t think mine differ to such an extreme. I actually checked the underside of the boot to make sure I didn’t accidentally pick up an 8 instead.

If you can wear a 9 or a 10 wide-width shoe, go to Penningtons and pick these babies up before they’re gone!!  For me.  And then let me know you’ve got them, so that I can be all jealous of you n’ stuff.

The entirety of this mblm line is really sweet if you’re in a rockin’ mood, and has a great set of accessories to go with as well!

So much love for this entire outfit. Nuff said.

mblm: Great outfit to rock out in!


TheHubs would have a right fit if I brought home another handbag, but this one would make it SO WORTH IT!  If I didn’t purchase a pair of much needed heels yesterday, that baby would have come home with me for sure!

mblm: fabulous accessories


Such an awesome in-store display for the line too! It was right in front of me when I walked into my Penningtons, lol.   I love it when I don’t have to search much for the items I want, heh. 😀

mblm can now be found in store, YAY!


These are the studded booties that I had picked up yesterday, that also explains this tweet, lol. Aren’t they awesome?!? And they’re SO comfy too!


mblm - the studded booties that I had picked up yesterday, woot!



This entire mblm line is full of WIN, but don’t take my word for it, check it all out for yourself on their site! You won’t be disappointed.  And I cannot wait to see what they have in store for us next season!!

Check out the mblm line on