I was one of those lucky people who got free tickets through my Cineplex Scene card for the screening of The Family a couple weeks ago, (staring Robert De Niro, Michelle Pfeiffer, Dianna Agron, John D’Leo and Tommy Lee Jones.) It was a fun movie, particularly if you’re a fan of gangster.  Lots of violence, balanced with an equal amount of witty comedy, this movie didn’t have a boring moment at all.

And never, in all of the many years I’ve spent going to the movies, have I ever wanted to pull out my cell phone, turn on the video camera and hit record like I wanted to that night…

But it’s not what you think. Honest!

The Family, 2013 Movie

I’m a gleek, so I was pleasantly surprised to see Dianna Agron as part of the main cast for this movie (I don’t believe I saw a single movie poster before heading into the theatre for this one, lol.)  She was great! Agron played the desperate, but awesome, teenaged daughter very well.  What seemed to really captured my attention though was her makeup.  Yeah, seriously.  Don’t get me wrong, I thought her acting and character was fabulous.  I just really, well and truly, loved her makeup.

Dianna Agron's makeup was gorgeous in The Family (2013)

I can’t find a good image of the look I love, which makes me all *sad panda face* ’cause then I could bring it to Murale or Sephora for a comparison, though I *think* she might have been wearing it in this scene above. I remember it being pink/redish over the inner half of her eyelids, and a really fascinating marbling blue/orange over the rest.  I loved it so much, that I couldn’t stop staring at her eyes, trying to figure out what she was wearing for the latter half of the movie.  I resolved at the end to hunt down the makeup artist on Twitter, but there are SIX people to choose from according to IMDB!

I was thinking of stalking Mary McNamara, the key makeup artist first, but do you know how popular a name that is?  There’s like… five different twitter accounts and not the one I’m looking for.  *headdesk*

So, have you seen the movie yet?  Do you have a clue where I can start figuring out what eyeshadow she wore?  Not to mention the gorgeous lipstick colour there…