I can’t believe its been more than a week since I left New York, and the Blogger Bash conference. I had an incredibly epic time during the brief stay, which I’m sure some of you noticed through the influx of selfies on my @AerynLynne instagram account! I’m going through my photos tonight, and there are just SO many I want to share with you in this post. Don’t worry, I didn’t make a slide show! You’re welcome. While I sit here though, reminiscing on how much fun my fellow bloggers can be when we’re all staying at the same hotel for a blogging conference, check out these pics of my fave bits of last week’s Blogger Bash trip!

I’ll admit, at first I ignored my invitation to Blogger Bash earlier this year. I wasn’t sure how this conference would benefit a blogger outside of the parenting niche. It wasn’t for another month when I started to remember all the fun I had at Sweet Suite back in Chicago a couple years ago (which is where the Blogger Bash conference originated from,) and the pictures I had been seeing from last year’s event looked like it was an experience not to miss! With promise of there being a fashion show, and technology sponsors, I went and bought my ticket, which turned out to be the best thing I probably did for Geek with Style this year!

Blogger Bash 2015 at Chelsea Piers, NY

1. The Care Bear #ShareYourCare Breakfast

This year’s Blogger Bash begun with a #ShareYourCare breakfast, where new Care Bear toys were revealed, including a set of four that sing on their own or together when grouped, and even a new show coming out in 2016 on Netflix.

I swear, while I type this, I have the old Care Bears Countdown lyrics running on repeat in my head. Whenever I see this pic below, it just starts up again.

Who’s that comin’ from somewhere up in the sky?
Moving fast and bright as a firefly
Just when you think the trouble’s gonna pounce
Who’s gonna be there when it really counts?…

Care Bears #ShareYourCare Breakfast

I have a pin on my lanyard above (title pic) that says I’m a #ShareYourCare Ambassador, which is a sweet gesture. Helping those in need has always been part of my lifestyle, whether by attempting to lift the spirits of a few women with the Shoe Box Project, help high school students with financial needs get glammed up for their prom with the Corsage Project, or providing food or funds to Second Harvest. What I haven’t done yet though, is share this drive to help with my nephew. At four years of age, he’s constantly asking, “Why?!”  with whatever I might be doing (ugh!), so I need to make sure to share my care with him next time I’m working on a project. He doesn’t realize that there aren’t many people out there that are lucky as he is, and its probably not too early to start sharing this reality with him; even if its simply buying extra food on our next grocery trip to donate to the food bank bin just in front of the exit doors.

On September 9th, @CareBearsFriend will be hosting the #ShareYourCare day, so save that date in your calendar!

[bctt tweet=”Join @CareBearsFriend on September 9th’s #ShareYourCare day! Help encourage kids to lend a hand.”]

In the meantime, we learned about @ZachCares, a “10-year old boy with a huge heart for philanthropic causes.” He’s done some incredible work at such a young age, including raising $1200 for Typhoon Haiyan relief, and will now be working alongside @CareBearsFriend in distributing Care Bears amongst homeless children in NYC! It was heart warming to hear how Zach is focused on helping others, both globally and closer to home.

2. Disney Infinity Breakfast

Dudes. Star Wars! On Disney Infinity 3.0! You can have your favourite heroes fight your favourite evil-doers from three epic franchises! I was floating on Geek-Cloud-9 while checking out all the beautifully crafted Star Wars, Marvel and Disney characters. Check them out!

See that gorgeous Han Solo figure? I might have him sitting on my desk with my Hawkeye, Rocket and Groot Disney Infinity 2.0 characters right now.
[bctt tweet=”#HanShotFirst #DisneyInfinity 3.0 //pic.twitter.com/af81pufVAU”]

Also this? Would be awesome, am I right? Darth Vader vs the Hulk Buster. I’d watch that with popcorn.
Darth Vader vs Iron Man Hulkbuster - Disney Infinity 3.0

3. The #PeanutsMovie Lunch Q&A

I have such a huge respect for Charles Shulz and his Peanuts comic strip that first published in 1950. Do you remember the very first strip? I might not have been born then, but its something I’ve come across more than once, most memorably at YorkU’s class on Comics.
First Peanuts Comic Strip by Charles Shulz (source)

And now, 65 years later, Charlie Brown and the rest of the Peanuts gain will be on the big screen! I was going to watch this movie no matter what, but after watching the trailer, I truly can’t wait for November 6th to come around. You can tell how much love and research has been put in by BlueSky to turn this movie into a Peanuts masterpiece.

Completely unexpected, we were treated to a Q&A with a handful of the actors that voiced the Peanut gain. These kids were truly adorkable and it was cute to see what the Peanuts Movie meant to them.

Peanuts Movie Q&A Lunch


4. Speed Dating with Brands

Okay, so I don’t have any pics of this event, but it was truly one of my favourite parts of Blogger Bash. I got to go on a six-minute date with six brands I was interested in (mostly one on one, though there was room for up to three bloggers and one brand per table.) I’ve made contact with brands that I want to share with ya’ll here on Geek with Style, and the new content is going to be awesome!

5. Meeting Up with Blogging Friends

It’s fun to meet up with your local blogging friends south of the border. I had an incredible time hanging out with @LilMissKateCo (and her darling daughter,) @InkScrblr & @DownshiftingPro (both of which were also my awesome roomies!), @ImFreckles, @BusyMomOfTwins1, @AnnBac9, @ShoeboxBegone, & @Savvari. It’s also amazing to meet fellow bloggers from the US that I wouldn’t have had a chance to interact with outside of online social networks.

The one thing I regret? Not taking any group pics with these fabulous peeps! Ack, next time! 😉

So yep, I had a total blast at #BBNYC, and cannot wait for next year’s already.

I didn’t mention anything about Sweet Suite, ’cause that event has a post all on it’s own! Find out what my fave geek toys were at Sweet Suite 2015!