Have you ever checked out what you can do in your city? What activities are available just by living in a specific district?

If you've never visited City of Toronto's website before, I urge you to check out what programs are running for you and your family.

Finding a hobby or a weekly activity is a great way to keep you're mind, body and soul happy!

Toronto FUN magazine (available online), is packed with fresh clubs, sports activities, camps and educational programs to keep any Torontonian active and able in the city.

For instance, check out these two amazing programs for water bound adults:
Water Tae Kwon Do
A workout that combines Tae Kwon Do with Shallow Water Aquafit designed to promote strength and co-ordination. Focus is on increasing stamina, energy and concentration.

Deep Water Pilates
A Pilates class taught in the deep water that focuses on strengthening core postural muscles, abdominals and back muscles. Participants MUST be comfortable in deep water and be able to complete the facility swim test.

Anyone ever interested in joining the Deep Water Pilates group, let me know, I just might join you!

When the weather is warmer, how about challenging yourself to visit every featured park that Toronto has to offer. Have you ever been to the Music Gardens down on the lake front? Inspired by Bach’s First Suite for Unaccompanied Cello, the park was designed for entertainment, including a mini outdoor theatre. If you visit on the right day, you will certainly feel a serene calmness just by walking the spiral path. I've visited this park numerous times throught the past decade, and have enjoyed it each and every time.

With the cold weather now high on our tails though, how about checking out your local arena to get your public skating on?

Did you know that I used to compete in Figure Skating right up into University? I'm not even sure where my skates are anymore let alone if they'd still fit, but I'd love to get back on the ice again. I always thought I'd live on the ice as a coach. Hmm… Knowing myself, I'd probably fall flat on my face the moment I'd step on the ice, lol.

I was also competitive in swimming too, back in high school. I wasn't the fastest swimmer by any means, but very few couple beat me in style, lol!

Which is why I need to find a pool where I could just spend half an hour in a lane to do a leisure 400m front crawl on a weekly basis. *misses it*

I heard the downtown YMCA is a fantastic place for swimming, so that's probably where I should first start my search for available pools.

It's Not All About The Body. Aka, Don't Forget About Your Mind.

Of course, thanks to sites like Meetup.com and TwtVite.com, if you can't find a specific hobby or sports group that you're highly interested in on the Toronto site, you can most likely find something at one of these two sites. OR if not, you could always start up your own group too!

Especially with digital interaction becoming so prevalent in society, blindly re-writing our cultural habits for socialization, we need to remember to continue or improve our interaction with each other in “RL” (real life).