You might have figured out by now that I have a love affair with bags. I’m a complete bag lady.  You name it, totes, handbags, computer bags, even luggage, I love collecting them! It’s my thing. 😉

So when Heys asked me to review their Nottingham collection, I might have squealed just a little bit!

Love my Heys bag, it fits all my needs.
Love my Heys bag, it fits all my needs.

Not only are they a Canadian company, this International powerhouse for comfort and style is from my home town, Toronto!

The Heys Tan Doctor’s Handbag that I had picked to review did not disappoint in anyway. Its soft to the touch, I almost want to use it as a pillow while in transit, lol!  This purse has ample room inside, with a multitude of handy pockets – I was able to fit all of my daily needs (which is a lot, like my purse, biz cards, hand sanitizer, keys, phone, writing journal etc) and still had room for more!  If I owned a 7″ tablet, I’m sure it would have fit nicely inside as well, lol.

The shoulder strap makes for great balance too.  With it’s equally soft and thick strap, I don’t feel a lot of weight, almost to the point of forgetting I’m carrying a purse, which is very handy on the days that my back, shoulders and/or neck gets sore (gah, I’m getting old!)  And a big plus if this is an issue for you, you don’t need to sit this bag against anything to hold it up while you’re relaxing out on the town.  The bottom is nicely flat, which means this handbag sits perfectly well all on its own.

My Heys bag goes everywhere I do

This Nottingham collection has so much character and has fabulous colour choices for the Fall/Winter season. I honestly can’t tell you which one is my ultimate fave out of the bunch, because they’re all just so pretty. I have however, created a sample of my the ones I like most just below and with your help, we’re going to discover the most popular handbag in the collection!  Also? We’ve got a GIVEAWAY happening (below), where you can win your favourite choice at the end of our group project. 😀

For us to figure out which handbag is THE style for the season, click on the Tweet button below your choice and announce to the world which one you’ve chosen.  I will collect all the of the tweets, put them into a pretty Excel file and add some magic to find out which one was tweeted most! 🙂

Which Nottingham Handbag Do You Choose?

Heys Nottingham Handbag: Doctor's Red

Heys Nottingham Handbag: Computer Tote

Heys Nottingham Handbag: Soft Body Satchel

Heys Nottingham Handbag: North/South Tasseled Tote

Heys Nottingham Handbag: Messenger

Heys Nottingham Handbag: Colour Blocked Satchel

Heys Nottingham Handbag: Tote with Piping

Heys Nottingham Handbag: Satchel in Bordeaux

Heys Nottingham Handbag: Winged Satchel