Keep Your RFID Secure, and Look Good While Doing So With Beside-U

Thanks to RFID technology, tin foil hats just aren’t funny anymore. You thought your neighbour was crazy, but he was actually onto something now that RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) has become a highly popular method for data transfer. And with its ever increasing popularity, there are ever increasing nefarious individuals out there who want to exploit […]

Fabulous Nottingham Bags from Heys

You might have figured out by now that I have a love affair with bags. I’m a complete bag lady.  You name it, totes, handbags, computer bags, even luggage, I love collecting them! It’s my thing. 😉 So when Heys asked me to review their Nottingham collection, I might have squealed just a little bit! […] June Lookbook

June is just around the corner, which hopefully will be full of warm weather and sunlight to get our Vitamin D on!  I’ve been exploring like crazy over the past couple of days and have been inspired to create a lookbook of my favourite pics for the month. [showbiz justfabmay2013] Are you and your […]