May be a day late, but I finally have the image I wanted to use for Wordless Wednesday. You'll have to scroll down to the bottom to see!

So for Thursdays on the Daily Special train, keep an eye out for upcoming events, both online and off, giveaways, freebies, anything that wants to make your inner five year old want to shout out:

… I'm just realising now why that was my favourite catch phrase way back when.

So this weeks fun-DO's are:

Have you met Sober Julie yet? She's an awesome blogger whom is celebrating her one year blogiversary!! And boy is she celebrating with a bang! There are five days left of her blog party, that includes guest posts and giveaways! Like the chance to win a prize pack from ConAgra Foods! We're all lucky that she's decided to share her journey with us for one year so far, here's wishing for many more years to come!

And have you seen what Bewildered Bug has been up to? She's running a Silent Auction for the Daily Food Bank, 'cause she's just that awesome. There's Tassimo Gevalia Dark House Blend going for just $6!!! If I still had my Tass I'd be picking that up stat!

Okay, so ready to meet my leetle friend Frosted the Gingerbread Snowman? He was supposed to be my Wordless Wednesday, but he was late! The nerve.

He might be void of colour, but that's what prototypes are for. His bro's on the other hand… I'm wondering if I should really go for a black hat, or if I should try blue instead. Oh, and the hats will be minty too!