Welcome to Geek with Style’s very first Beauty Bag blog post, woot! Figured it would be fitting to start this new seasonal segment with sparkly holiday makeup goodies that I’ve been wearing this month.

Before we start on the fab shades though, here’s the bag that fits it all with room to spare for cash, ID and keys! ๐Ÿ™‚ The moment I saw this bag at Target, it really had to be mine. Love the little bow in the front, and it works for those lunch dates and holiday parties alike, so no need to keep switching bags throughout the day.

Cute bag, perfect for holiday parties. Available at Target Canada for only $29.99
Cute bag, perfect for holiday parties. Available at Target Canada for only $29.99

The Body Shop

Dolly Pastels Palette

This gorgeous set of colours can take you from your work day to party night with just a couple strokes to change things up in between moments. Use the creme and violet shades to cover most of your lid during the day, dusting the orange-red shade along your brow, and then switch the placement of the creme and orange-red shades for the night!

The sweetest eyeshadow shades for holiday fun by The Body Shop.
The sweetest eyeshadow shades for holiday fun by The Body Shop.

Glitter Liquid Eyeliner and Black & Gold Glitter Mascara

Add some glitter to get the party started! The Body Shop has come up with two fabulous ways to have your eyes sparkle and shine while you dance the night away. The easily applied glitter liquid eyeliner can create a thin outlined shine of silver, while the fine gold coloured specs in the mascara emboss your lashes for a dazzling look!

Get your glitter on with The Body Shop's mascara and liquid eye liner.
Get your glitter on with The Body Shop’s mascara and liquid eye liner.

The Body Shop Canada Ltd


Dream Bouncy Blush

There is an interesting story behind my introduction to the awesomeness of Dream Bouncy Blush in the #60 Coffee Cake shade….

The perfect shade and application with Mabelline's Dream Bouncy Blush.
The perfect shade and application with Mabelline’s Dream Bouncy Blush.

I was at a Target Event (#TargetRedCardCA,) where we celebrated one of my very favourite things about Target (get 5% off your entire bill with either their credit or debit Target Red Card!) I came across the Maybelline booth, and decided to take a load off and get some touch ups done on my make-up for the evening. After the epic battle against a snow storm to get to Target, I really did need a little “refreshing”. And if you must know, we were all fan-girling over Sons of Anarchy at that booth, heh.

I’m usually not a big fan of blush on my face, ’cause no matter how I’d apply it, I’d wind up looking clownish. But with this lovely Coffee Cake shade, and easy application just using my fingers, I’m loving the added hue that sticks to my cheeks.


Plush Pout Lip Crayon and Gel Eye Glider

The Plush Pout keeps my lips moisturized while adding some fab colour, particularly from the Magenta Plum shade. Smear the plum on lightly for the day, and then layer it on for your night out on the town. Its a great colour to keep you going all day, so no need juggling your lip stains. Julep’s Lip Crayon come in three other colours: Aurora Pink, Cardinal Red and Almond Nude.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I love making a statement with my eyes, so in addition to Body Shop’s holiday makeup, I also use Julep’s Gel Eye Glider in Smokey Plum as a bit of contrast to the brown and silver for a killer evening look.

Pop some colour with Julep's Plush Pout and Gel Eye Glider
Pop some colour with Julep’s Plush Pout and Gel Eye Glider

Julep Winter Wow box


Stick-on Gel Nails Kits

I used to really dislike press-on nails, as they looked fake when I had tried them back in high school, but boy have these nail kits changed! I love the new designs available through KISS and imPRESS, especially for the holiday season. It’s really handy to keep a kit in your purse for those moments that you need a quick fix and perfect looking manicure, but don’t have much more than 15 minutes to pull it off. Last time I applied a kit, I had a 20 minute subway ride to an event that truly required some pizazz on my hands. There was no way I was going to attempt actual nail polish on the way over, especially when the train is guaranteed to be bumpy.

Get sparkley nails on the fly with KISS gel or imPRESS nails.
Get sparkley nails on the fly with KISS gel or imPRESS nails.

Some Extras to Start Off On The Right Foot

These are four fabulous items that I use everyday, before I leave the house. Using these as a starting point, makes for a flawless day.

  • The elf Mineral Face Primer glides on smoothly, and creates a nicely matte canvas. I want shine to come from my makeup, not from my pores on my cheeks and forehead. I’m fairly confident that we take more pictures during the holidays, than any other given time throughout the year, so its THE season to prep your face for less shiny pics!
  • be Delectable is a yummy way to moisturize your skin, particularly when the cold dry air can wreak havoc instantly. The delicious Vanilla & Cream scent will generate a near Pavlovian association to “Oooh, cupcakes!” from those around you, so keep in mind that your friends/peers are going to be constantly hungry in your space! Who wouldn’t want to smell as yummy as cupcakes?
  • Bumble and bumble – Bb Straight is my little secret that I’m sharing with ya’ll. Seriously, I constantly get, “Did you just get your hair done? It looks great!” comments whenever I use this brilliant gel in my hair before a blow dry (four of those in one day even.) My hair is an annoyingly curly/wavy mess if left to its own device; luckily Bb Straight smooths out all the rough patches for an easy flow that apparently makes my hair look newly coiffed.
  • Body Shop’s The Sparkler All Over Shimmer is a great way to add a bit of glow anywhere you want. It’s time to sparkle like snowflakes, and this powdery mist puts all the fun into it.
Fab items to get your days off to the right start.
Fab items to get your days off to the right start.

Whew! That’s quite the bag, right? I would love to hear what your fave makeup items or tips are for the holiday season!

(Disclaimer, this post is a mish-mash of products I’ve bought and products I’ve been asked to review and enjoyed doing so, which is why I’ve recommended them above.)