Be A Responsible Geek, Recycle Your Tech

I’m not going to get into the whole global warming, environmental impact that technology has on our planet. We’ve heard it all before.  While I will forever be a geek for all things tech, and will always sport grabby hands for anything new that beeps, I’ve taken recycling of older tech one step further this […]

Find Out What’s in Our Holiday Beauty Bag

Welcome to Geek with Style’s very first Beauty Bag blog post, woot! Figured it would be fitting to start this new seasonal segment with sparkly holiday makeup goodies that I’ve been wearing this month. Before we start on the fab shades though, here’s the bag that fits it all with room to spare for cash, […]

Target Canada is Bringing The Plus to Clothing Sizes Next Year

Over a year and a half ago Target began opening doors in Canada, something which was wildly anticipated across the country well before the “Zellers” signs had any chance of cooling off. Canadians have loved Target for years, despite the fact that it was a US-only company only until very recently. Excitement bubbled in all […]

Open Letter to Target Canada from a Plus Sized Fashion Lover

Dear Marketing and Purchasing Departments of Target Canada, and whomever else is interested. Yesterday was a weird day for plus size fashion in my little world.  I woke up that morning to a truly kick-butt article on The Grid, discussing how lucrative the plus-size fashion industry is in Canada. Some of my favourite local plus size […]

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